Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pyrex Fairy Garden

Disclaimer: no vintage Pyrex was harmed in the making of this garden :)

My daughter Hannah is very much in to fairy gardens. Last year she made her own garden using some some of her own toys and doll furniture. Nightly she would check the garden in hopes that the fairies would come. Eventually the fairies did find her garden and they stayed around all summer - periodically leaving notes and treats for her. She was delighted with it all.

This season she is still interested in making a welcoming home for any fairies who may be traveling by. Luck would have it that I found out about a wonderful fairy garden making class at a local nursery and I signed Hannah up. At the class she had a great time creating a container fairy garden. After watching the professionals at the garden center show how to make a fairy garden, I took their ideas and decided to make my own version - but in a Pyrex bowl. I have a few extra yellow 404 bowls hanging around not being used and figured one of those bowls would be a great container for my new little garden.

Here are the supplies that you will need if you want to make one yourself. You could use a regular flowerpot or any other container that you have around.

1. Potting Soil

2. Plants. The folks at the nursery recommended having one small tree, a ground cover plant and a succulent. I chose Rosemary for my tree - which will grow larger and resemble a tree, Hens & Chicks for my succulent and a small-leaf ground covering called Baby's Tears/Golden Coins. At the garden center they had a whole assortment of plants sized just for fairy gardening. You can see the plant tag below shows a fairy on it. Choosing your plants needn't be complicated - just choose small-sized plants that won't grow very large.

3. Accessories to decorate your garden with.
Here is the fun part! Since fairy gardening is popular now most garden centers and large craft stores sell miniature items marketed for fairy gardening. Caution - most of the accessories are pricey and before you know it you have a small fortune spent in cute things for your garden. Be creative - I'm sure you can find many great things out in nature or in your home if you look around}

For our garden we used small pebbles (think fish tank), small pieces of wood to represent a walking path, a fairy statue & a ceramic toad stool. Other things you could use are sand, small glass pebbles found at the dollar store, miniature furniture, twigs, sea shells, sea glass, pebbles, small pieces of rock.

Here is how we made our garden.
1. I put some stones in the bottom of my bowl for water drainage since I didn't want to drill a hole in the bottom of my bowl. If you are using a standard flower pot with a hole in the bottom you can skip this step.
2. Next fill your pot with soil up to the rim. Pack it down.
3. Once the soil was in we laid out how we wanted the garden to look. Hannah made a pebble pathway through the center of the bowl. You could use stones, sand or small wood pieces here also.
4. Now add your plants. At the garden center they showed us how to cut the plants in half using scissors. I cut this one in half so that I could put it in two different spots.
5. Next add your fun accessories. The possibilities here are endless. There are so many things you could come up with for your garden.

Here are some pictures from our fun day at the nursery. The nursery we went to is Michael Bros. Nursery. If you are in the Pittsburgh area I highly recommend a trip. It is a beautiful family-owned nursery with a large selection of plants, green houses and a great shop. Website found HERE.

Hannah's garden has a lot of cute accessories. She has a little bridge, a mini bird bath and a mini gazing ball. She kept adding stuff that you can't even see the soil anymore! {pictures below}
 These are some gardens that were on display at the nursery to give you an idea of what you can do. Each includes the small-sized plants and accessories. They are so cute.
I think this one is my favorite with the stone patio.
To achieve this just break apart a larger stone using a hammer.
Beach scene fairy garden. Love it!!! Glass pebbles from Dollar Tree.

We will keep you posted if any fairies come to stay at our garden!


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Monday, March 16, 2015

Recent Finds

This weekend was the first estate sale that I have been to since winter began. It did not disappoint! I was lucky enough to find these pink beauties - pieces that I did not already have. Just in time for Easter and Spring.

I also bought a stack of vintage linen dish towels. I love vintage towels - so soft and the graphics are the best.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Also bought this Snowflake Garland lidded dish. I am going to use it to hold salt on my counter.

All in all I think I did great for my first estate sale of the season!

I also hit a few thrift shops this weekend. I bought these. Not sure if I will keep them or not. The longer they sit here the more tempted I am to keep them.  I already have so many drinking glasses that it is hard to justify 8 more - but these look so good with my Pyrex. :)

Did you find anything good this weekend? Please share!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is Sprouting Up

Today the weather broke - less cold, more sun.

Spring is sprouting up...a little at a time...both outside and in.

No Easter yet, just a few little touches that show Spring is on the way.

I bought this little doll dresser at a flea market this past weekend. I've always wanted one. A shamrock hankie and a little pixie welcome St. Patty's Day.

A garden elf planter and some spring Pyrex.

Pens in milk glass pots waiting to be used in my journaling bible journaling - {a new hobby}.

Spring Blossom Pyrex and a cute plastic butter dish found at the thrift store.

Daisies from Trader Joes and milk glass - the perfect combo! They last for weeks and make me smile.

A new handmade wreath for the door.

These tablecloths have been stored away all winter in an old dresser. When I sold the dresser last week they were stacked on this chair until I figure out a new place to store them. I realized that it is crazy to own all of these lovely tablecloths and not use them. None of them are "perfect". Many of them show small stains and are super soft from years of use and washing - all the more reason to use them and change them out often!

The first of the tablecloths to make it onto the table - this spring beauty showcasing tulips!

Shamrocks {thanks again Trader Joes} in a vintage planter. 

 A cute vintage milk glass mug found at the thrift store - my favorite kind! {candle sticks in the background are vintage McCoy}

Enjoying the little things!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Burlap Christmas Trees

This is a repost from 2012. I thought it was good enough to share once more. 

A few years ago I made several things out of burlap. My favorite of all of those projects was these little fabric trees. This idea was one that I came up with on my own and it is one of my craft projects that I am the most proud of. I still receive compliments from friends about these trees when they are taken out of storage and put on display for the season.

The trees are fairly easy to make. I am not an excellent seamstress to say the least, so if I say that these are easy then you can trust me. To make them I used tan & red burlap and decorated them with various vintage buttons and laces. That is the funnest part - choosing how the tree will be embellished! The trunk of each tree is a wooden thread spool.

Burlap isn't the only fabric that you can use. I also made trees out of some old bedspreads I had on hand. (shown below). The white tree is made of chenille.

I'm sharing how I made these in case you are interested in trying one yourself. Although it is much easier to buy someone a gift - I believe that making something with your own hands as a gift for someone else is such a sweet expression of love and kindness. With time at a premium, spending time to make something shows the recipient that you care enough about them to give of your time and talents. Trust me when I say that a handmade gift will be cherished for years to come much more so that something bought at a store.

Chenille & green tapestry fabric - both found at a yard sale.

I didn't take any pictures showing these being made but I can give you some simple directions if you want to try making these on your own.

You will need:
Fabric of choice
12" piece of 20 gauge wire
1 wooden thread spool
small piece of felt
Hot Glue
Laces, buttons & trims for decorating

To begin I drew a triange/tree shape - on a piece of paper and used that as my pattern. Make it as small/large as you like. I traced the pattern onto the material. Cut two pieces of material for each tree. Sew the two pieces together - leaving an opening for stuffing the tree later. For the burlap I sewed the pieces together WRONG sides together and just trimmed the material close to the seem when finished - leaving a raw edge. For the other materials I sewed the trees RIGHT sides together and then turned them right side out when sewn. Stuff the trees with fiber fill. I then inserted a wire into the center of each tree - sort of like a trunk. The wire should stick out about an inch from the bottom of the tree. Sew material closed - keep the wire sticking out.

Now, take your wooden spool and cut a piece of felt to cover the bottom of the spool. Attach with glue. Now fill the hole in the spool with hot glue. Insert the wire from the tree into the hot glue - this keeps the tree stable enough to stand on it's own. Let dry. You can now decorate the tree with trims, ribbons & buttons as you wish. I also decorated my wooden spools with paper, twine & ribbons.

If you check my post Christmas 2014 you will spy my trees on display. They come out each year and I love them just as much today as I did when I made them.

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014

Hi Friends!
It's been quite a while since I posted. Let me begin by saying thank you for stopping by after all of this time. I am still alive and still loving the hunt for vintage treasures.

Here are some of the Christmas decorations that are on display around the house this year. Over the past few years I have been slowly weeding through my decorations and keeping only those things that I love. I don't know about you, but do your taste's change like mine do? I have gone mostly all vintage in my decorations, parting with the rest. Although I love a lot of what I see at Target, I still prefer the old to the new. My year round collections have been put away to make room for the holiday decor. Although I still do not have my tree decorated - it is sitting in the stand waiting for some attention, here is a peek at some of the rest. 

May your Christmas be filled with Joy this year.

If you want to see a lovely Flocked Tree decorated in pastel sweets - stop over to my blog friend Heather's blog by clicking HERE.


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