Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Longing for the sun...

I don't know about you but I'm getting soooo tired of the Pittsburgh gray...where everything seems covered with a brush of gray watercolor.
Where has the sun gone? I don't mind the snow or the cold as much when the beautiful sunshine is out.

To brighten up the days of January, I'm posting pictures of some of my favorite yellow things.
Yellow is one of my favorite colors.
My house is yellow outside, my dining room is yellow - I just love yellow!
I think of it as a smile in color.

My yellow porch furniture patiently waits for spring!

A pair of old yellow skis (these had to be meant for my house) and our yellow mail box.

A collection of McCoy pots.

More pottery planters collected over the years.

I love the wood grain pattern on this one.

A little pottery piggy - Shawnee I think.

A crocheted table cloth.

While the birds are south for winter, I enjoy my pottery bird collection instead.

Peanut Butter used to come in tins like this.
I love the picture of the two kids riding on a peanut.

Some vintage glasswear - these are baked-on colored glass - clear or white glass that is then painted with color and baked, similar to vintage Pyrex.

More vintage linens. Oh how these remind me of summer days.

More elephant-shaped planter and an antique thread spool with awesome chipped paint on the ends.

A pottery wall pocket.

Thanks for visiting today!
I hope where ever you are in your corner of the world that you see a little sunshine today!
God Bless,

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  1. how fun! my mom used to always buy peanut butter in cans. i suppose it was because there were 8 kids to feed, but i have fond memories of peanut butter in a can! i think we used those cans to hold everything in our play room from crayons to barbies!


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