Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zeldon's Valentines

Last Valentine's Day my hubby gave me a wonderful and very unique gift. It was someone's collection of valentines that they had saved from their childhood. He found them being sold all together on ebay. Knowing that I love vintage valentines, he got them for me.

The cool thing about this group of valentines is that they all belonged to one man, Zeldon Steele. Whoever Zeldon was, he saved all of his childhood valentines. Many of these sweeties are from the 1930's. Each one is signed on the back from the person who gave it.

All together there are over 30 different valentines, some with the original envelope.

When I display them, I always keep them together and don't add any other valentines to them. I think they are wonderful as a group, knowing that somebody loved them and kept them all of their life.

Zeldon, wherever you are, I am enjoying your valentines.

(I display them hanging across my mantle on a little clothes line.
This is half of the mantle.)

Here are just some of them close up:

Many of them have moveable parts or interesting pop-ups.

 You can tell the era of the card by the content. When was the last time someone offered to be your ice man?

This one is for my friend Alexis, whose husband is a police officer. 

Last but not least, this one is probably my favorite out of the group.

I hope you enjoyed Zeldon's collection as much as I do.


PS: If you've read this far...please read on. I will be away from my computer for the next several days...but this doesn't mean I won't be posting.
Please check back daily through Valentine's Day for new posts.
(I just won't be announcing them via Facebook.)

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