Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Post Cards

I like to collect old post cards and display them around my house as mini works of art. They are great reminders of days gone by...when a beautiful card with a handwritten sentiment would be brought to your doorstep. I can only imagine the excitement the recipient must have felt upon receiving such a card.
Here are some that I’ve collected over the years.
Local post cards:
These 2 cards were probably sold in my hometown back in the 1900’s. They were printed in Germany and have embossed flowers and glitter. One is postmarked 1909 and the other is postmarked 1908. I bought mine on ebay.

Want an interesting memento from your hometown? Do a search on ebay using your town name. It is interesting to see what you find.
Another ebay find. This picture post card is from the elementary school that I attended as a child. No, I didn’t attend there at the time this pic was takenJ. This building has since been converted into an apartment building.
Another Local Card found on "the bay" – This one shows an illustration of a church which still stands in town and is now the church my family and I attend. Back then it was The Presbyterian Church of Oakmont. Now it is Riverside Community Church. On the back side it reads “Printed for the 5-10-25 cents store, Oakmont PA.”
Embroidery Post Cards

These cards feature embroidery on fabric mounted inside a paper frame.
This one reads “To My Dear Mother” and has a liftable flap.
On the back side is a handwritten note from a son to his mother. (Love his penmanship!) "Do not worry. I am all O.K. But I got very seasick comming across. With Love, Your son."
Wonder where he was "coming across" from? The post mark is gone on this card so we can only speculate. Maybe he was a veteran from a foreign war?

Love birds stitched on thin, translucent fabric.

Birthday and Congratulations Greetings sent via post card.

A card sent to a Sunday school student.

I bought this card as a souvenir from a trip to London 10 years ago. I don’t have dogs but thought these 2 faces were hard to resist.
I love what is printed on the front. It says: Watching and Waiting For You! That is how I feel about each and every visitor that stops by my blog. I'm watching and waiting for you too.
Thanks for allowing me to share some of my collections. This blog is my modern-day post card of sorts, addressed to your door.
On the back I've written…
Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon.

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  1. those are so awesome!

  2. Kate, you are just so sweet and sentimental! I've just done some school work for the past hour, am so tired and looked on your blog and was instantly lifted up and am smiling! I love the vintage postcards too but don't have any from town or embroidered. Guess that'll be a new search.


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