Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Umbrella Cheer

I have some strange and quirky collections. One of them has to be my collection of vintage umbrellas. About a year or two ago I began picking these up at estate sales. They are usually pretty affordable. As it has been raining steadily here for the last 2 days, I felt that a post about umbrellas was in order.

This is one of those clear plastic umbrellas were you can look up and see all the raindrops gathered on the outside. What makes this one great is the cheery yellow flowers inside.

This next one is a very shabby umbrella that I got for free at an estate sale. I think they were happy that I took it away for them. From the outside it reminds me a bit of Mary Poppin's umbrella.

The real surprise happens when it is opened up.


A soft canopy of floral fabulousness. Very romantic indeed!
I guess you can't judge an umbrella by its cover.

I love this next one. It forms a wonderful shape when opened up.

This one is smaller than the rest. It was probably one of the earlier compact umbrellas for ladies on the go.

Bold stripes brighten the day.

Even if the umbrella itself isn't all that spectacular, sometimes it's the handle that makes it worth the purchase.

So be on the lookout for your own vintage umbrella.
You will wonder who the lady was who owned it before you.
If nothing else, it will make you smile on the most dreariest of days.


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  1. What a fun collection. I remember my bubble plastic umbrella from.....2nd grade? 3rd grade? Loved that thing. Of course, I didn't have flowers on mine, but if I had been blogging back them, I surely would have added them!


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