Monday, September 5, 2011

Vintage Purses

I love purses. New purses, old purses, it doesn't matter. Here are some vintage purses.

Tan box shaped purse

 Awesome black and red velvet purse. This is a favorite. A gift from my friend Cindy.

 Navy blue crochet clutch purse with a plastic handle

 Love this child's wicker basket purse - can't you see this being worn on Easter?

 A tiny metal coin purse.
 The penny is there to give you an idea of the size of this purse

Another velvet beauty. This one has perfect colors for fall. (also from Cindy)
 Love the butterscotch satin interior

This particular post marks my 102nd posting.
In honor of surpassing 100 posts I am doing a give away.
I am offering to one lucky reader the great vintage purse show above & below along with a vintage (never used) hanky to go inside.
(This is sort of a sacrifice as I really like this purse - but I like my readers more!)

This purse is soft embossed velvet with a brass closure & leather handle.
It has a tan background with gold, olive green & dark red flowers & leaves.

This is the hanky - with a hand-crocheted butterfly & border in yellow & brown thread. Neatly pressed & never used.
I don't know about you but I love carrying a cloth hanky in my purse.

To Enter:
Leave me a comment on this post.
When you leave your comment please make sure that I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.
If you are commenting using a Google Account please check the "follow up comments to your email" box...or leave your comment using your name and blog/website URL.

Please tell your friends or mention this contest on one of your blog posts.
I would surely appreciate it :)

The contest closes Monday September 12th - so please enter by then.
I will choose the winner randomly.

Speaking of blogs - one of my favorite blogs about collecting is Colleen's FreshVintage blog. Colleen has such a humorous way of writing about all of her awesome vintage finds. 
I have followed her for a few years now and I am never sorry that I stopped to visit. I love her taste in vintage advertising, typewriters, industrial furniture & games. Recently Colleen was nice enough to mention my blog on this post.
Please stop by and say KayteeJane sent you!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Great collection! I have a few favorite ones that I found over the years.

  2. I LOVE your purse collection! Each one is so special. It definitely inspires me to start keeping my eyes open. You are the best, Miss KayeeJane!

  3. Hi Kaitie! I love your purse collection. I can't believe how small the metal one is. Just think, if you are giving one away, a new one is bound to find you.

  4. What a delightful collection! I'll have to show the one I snatched from my mom before she gave it to my nieces! She was going to give it to them to PLAY with! Oh no, I saved it from a fate worse than death. Okay, I exaggerate a wee bit (okay a lot), but I am so glad she let me have it. I have so much stuff now from her move. I have got to get pictures and show everything!!!

    Oh, I started to ramble on (yes, I'm known for doing that too) and I would be delighted to be entered in your giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  5. Absolutely love your vintage purses! Everyone of them unique and all seem to have their own story to tell. I'm wondering how, with so many unique and adorable vintage collections, do you display them without feeling cluttered? When I am out shopping and something catches my eye, I immediately think, "where am I gonna put that?? Love your blog!

  6. Hi Katie! I love your purse collection, but I love your blog even more, especially the one about little things. It reminds me of going to my Grandma's house as a little girl and playing with her things... you're right, who needs toys when there is a whole world of make-believe out there. I'd love to come to your house and see all of your treasures sometime (nothing like inviting myself over, huh!). Thanks again for the great blogs!
    Katie Lascola


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