Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrift Store Black Friday

Instead of going to the Mall on Black Friday, I went to the thrift stores.
I spent under $20 and came home with some great vintage Christmas stuff.

These, and several more packs just like them, came from my favorite thrift store. They are headed for resale at an upcoming craft show and then the antique mall. I might add something to them. I will be sure to show you pics when they are finished.

"old school" electric candles. 25 cents each. These will be used in some craft projects.

A bag of large colored lights. These will be going in a jar for display.

Some great vintage Christmas pins for on coats and hats this season.

The Salvation Army store I went to had a Black Friday special - everything in the store 50% off the marked price. These guys ended up being $1 each. They are going on my front porch.

You wouldn't believe the bargains on Christmas decorations that I saw at the thrift stores. Artificial pine garland for 50 cents, holiday dishes, artificial trees, ornaments and more - all very resonably priced. If you haven't decorated yet or you need to buy some things for your displays, consider the thrift stores. You will get something at a reasonable price, save the planet because you are buying used, and most importantly, your money will go to charity.

The Thanksgiving decorations are put away and I'm working on Christmas now. I hope to share my decorations and some fun crafts and gift ideas soon.
Please stop back.


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  1. Great finds! I'm looking for some vintage bulbs myself with no luck! I need to come to your part of the country!!!


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