Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Baskets...with a vintage touch

When out at flea markets and yard sales I often find cute vintage things at very inexpensive prices. This makes it hard for me to walk away - even if at the time I don't have a specific purpose for said item. Case in point - these cute little syrup containers.

(The one with the red lid is my favorite :)) I think I paid about 25 cents for each of these. 

Later an idea came to mind to add them to some gift baskets I was making for my daughter's teachers. 
The theme of the basket is pancakes, so these were added in for a cute vintage touch.

The basket liner is a napkin. I bought 2 of these napkins at a thrift store. Cotton napkins and vintage linens are usually very inexpensive when you find them at yard sales and second-hand shops. They make great "green" gift wrap that can be reused by the recipient.

I found this little cutie at the Goodwill recently. It is a cut-glass creamer. I really liked it and just couldn't leave it behind so it came home with me. I decided to add it to this gift basket I made for a friend. I tucked a linen dishtowel inside the creamer. Of course that was thrifted too.

These little items are so very inexpensive but they add a nice touch to your gifts. All year long be on the look out for treasures that you can store away until you are ready to give someone a gift. 

Some other ideas for using vintage treasures:

A vintage coffee canister filled with Keurig K-cups or a bag of Starbucks coffee.
Vintage salt & pepper shakers filled with homemade popcorn seasoning or cinnamon sugar.
A lovely antique tea cup and a box of herbal tea.
A glass cake plate with a homemade cake on top.
A silver spoon tied to a jar of homemade preserves. 

The ideas are endless.

Happy Gift Giving!

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