Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun Saturday

Warning, this post is not about junk or collecting. Please indulge me as I share a trip to one of my favorite places on earth, The Strip District in Pittsburgh. Since there haven't been many estate sales or flea markets lately, this is the next best thing on a Saturday morning. 

If you aren't from Pittsburgh, "the Strip" is a historic market place set in downtown Pittsburgh across several city blocks.

Here are some highlights.

Checking out the lobster tank

the fish market

Waiting in line as our order of fried clams, smelts & shrimp is made (while the kids snack on fresh-baked bread sticks from the bread bakery next door)

The reward!

Digging in!

Check out this array of pastries being sold on the street

A trip to Pennsylvania Macaroni Company to wait in line for cheese. The smell in here transports me back to my Grandmother's kitchen. The best place on earth in my mind.

Self-serve olive oil

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Back to junk & collecting tomorrow!


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