Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Checking one off the list

A few weeks back I posted about vintage items that I was putting on my junk wish list. Well hubby surprised me this Valentine's Day with one of the things on my list. Purchased on ebay.

In the picture the dots look red but they are orange. We found out that this bowl was part of a nested set with a large green polka dot bowl, yellow medium/large polka dot bowl, medium blue polka dot bowl (which I already have) and this small orange polka dot bowl. So now I need to be on the look out for the green and yellow ones to complete the set.

Thanks honey!


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  1. What a sweetie pie! Love the bowl, I bet the whole set looks adorable together.

  2. The bowl really is vintage and somehow just makes you feel like you are in olden times. Great choice.

  3. You always have amazing looking pieces of art and decorations on your site. Love coming here and seeing new things.


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