Monday, April 2, 2012


This week I am on Spring Break from my teaching job, so I'm taking advantage of some time off to do Spring cleaning. 

The first project I tackled was organizing my bedroom...getting rid of old clothes and stuff and sorting through my linen closet.

Those of you who live in an old house like I do will understand when I say that I don't have any storage space. There are only 3 closets in this entire house and they are small to say the least. To make due I use this cedar wardrobe that was found out in someone's trash a few years ago. It currently stores out of season clothing and sheets.

Here is the inside with the sheets and pillowcases organized neatly.

I also use this old cedar chest that was my grandmother's to store bedding. The blue chenille bedspread that you see there on the top of the pile is one of many that I have collected. Since this chest is filled to over-flowing, I have to store the remainder of my collection in Rubbermaid totes. Sadly, I don't use these bedspreads much because they don't fit on my king-sized bed. My daughter's don't use them on their beds because they prefer their character sheets and comforters. I love vintage chenille bedspreads so much that I doubt I will be able to part with any in my collection at this time. I'm just not there yet if you know what I mean. Oh well. I guess I will have to buy a summer cottage or something to be able to use them :)

Speaking of linens, one of my favorite things to buy at house sales are vintage pillowcases. They are so soft from years of being washed over and over again. I love the prints that many of them came in like these on my bed right now. My special favorites are the ones that have hand-embroidered designs and crochet on the edges. I have many sets of vintage pillowcases. I use them on all of our beds and prefer them to new ones because of their cool, comfy softness.

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