Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saturday Scores

Here are some of my most recent "Saturday Scores".

I bought all of this stuff this past weekend at garage sales. Four pieces of Pyrex and that cute glass pitcher in the background.

I bought my first non-pyrex baking dish this weekend also (the loaf shaped pan resting inside the Snowflake casserole dish). It is pretty cute and only cost me 75 cents so I didn't pass it up!

After cleaning all these pieces with Bar Keepers Friend they look fresh and (almost) new. I am amazed that I found all of those in one weekend.

I found a few more things too but I will post about those separately.


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  1. OOOHHHH!!! Yay for Saturday! SCORES indeed!! :-)

  2. 75 cents for the Alpine chalet!? Woo-hoo! I collect that pattern. ♥


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