Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

I had a nice Mother's Day. It was laid back, without a lot of stress, which is what I like and really seemed to need. This year my daughter's, which are 8 and 12, went the extra mile and each presented me with something that they chose themselves and paid for with their own money. I really didn't expect them to do that as I would have been very happy with a home cooked meal or for them to do the dishes on their own.

Hannah gave me an amazing vintage pottery vase - pictured below (that is her school picture in the background). I couldn't have chosen this better myself. My husband took her to a flea market one recent Saturday and she spotted this for sale amongst a lot of other items. My husband said she zoned in on it and knew instantly that she wanted to buy it for me for Mother's Day. It only cost her 50 cents - which she happened to have - which makes it even more special because she was able to buy this with her own money. I love that this gift is one-of-a-kind and probably no other mom on the planet received one like it for Mother's Day. She couldn't have picked anything better for me if she would have tried. I totally love it! She did me proud picking something vintage & collectible! I'm not sure of the maker but I would be willing to guess McCoy. I think it is fabulous. It will sit proudly amongst my other pieces of pottery.

My older daughter also bought me something wonderful. She overheard me say once that I wanted a CD of Christian hymns. Well she found me one at Target - purchased with her own money - and lovingly presented it to me on Mother's Day. I was so surprised that she actually listed to what I was saying at that moment and remembered it. I am touched by that.

Hubby bought me the cookbook "The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook" by Cheryl Day & Griffith Day. I wanted to show it here because in addition to the delicious recipes the book features pictures from The Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia. The owners have many lovely vintage  items on display at the bakery. It is a beautifully designed book that inspires me to keep collecting vintage kitchenware.

Some of the inside pages:

I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful too!


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  1. That pink vase is awesome!! What a great gift! :-)


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