Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ring Holder

Not sure what the original purpose of this little milk glass cup was. Salt holder? I found it at the estate sale where I got all of the milk glass and the yard long picture. There was only one. I think it makes a stylish ring holder. I love that it stands on a pedestal.

I keep it next to my kitchen sink for when I take off my rings to wash my hands or do dishes. Lord knows that I need such an item because I am always misplacing my wedding bands. I don't really like to wear them when I'm doing the dishes so I often take off the rings and put them in my pants pocket - or worse, just lay them somewhere. Then I promptly forget about them until the next day when I go to put them on again. I have found my rings on the bottom of the washing machine a few times. Recently I "lost" them again. Hubby was nice enough to point out that I had a ring holder and I ought to use it! Yes Dear.


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