Monday, November 8, 2010

Tearing Down the Ugly

For those of you who know me and have been in my kitchen there is one word to describe it....UGLY! My brother has labeled it "The ugliest kitchen in America" and I didn't dispute him.

Well today we finally began to tear it down to make way for our new kitchen.
Here is Mark pulling out the ugly metal cabinets that the previous owners laminated with a "wood grain".

He also ripped off the 70's wallpaper and Homosote (paper board) underneath.

The previous owners loved to use construction adhesive in all their projects. These are the blobs you see on the wall.

They even wallpapered the ceiling and painted over it with white. It just had to go!

Check back later for more pics when we rip out the dishwasher, avocado green sink and the ugliest brown shag carpet you've ever seen.
I mean really...who carpets their kitchen????

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  1. That scene looks all to familiar! I think my kitchen was worse!!! I will have to show you some pictures. Nevertheless, it is pretty bad when you are pulling of wallpaper on a ceiling!!! So you may have me beat. You have to love these old houses. Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the pictures and can't wait to see it whenit is all done :)

  2. my mother always had carpet in our kitchen when i was growing up... i hated it! bleck :(

  3. My house had carpet in the kitchen when we moved in! Yuck! -Rach


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