Monday, February 21, 2011

My feminine side of decorating...

I'm lucky to have a husband who lets me do pretty much whatever I want in the way of decorating the house. He doesn't complain at all about what is on display.
My decorating tends to be a little feminine in nature. I like flowers and bright colors.
Recently I painted our master bedroom a pretty shade of blue.
I haven't finished decorating the room entirely, but here are some pics of some little displays I am loving right now.

This is my nightstand. It is really an old dresser that I am now using next to my bed. It is a little tall to be a nightstand, but I like it's vintage style. The mirror on the top of the dresser is one that I scored at an estate sale a few weeks back. Little clocks, a wooden box, a pottery lamp and some old baby pics fill it out. That is a wool felted purse hanging from one of the drawers.

For the past year or so I've been buying these little clocks at estate sales.
I like their little faces.
A pottery planter holds a box of Kleenex.

This old hat sits on my dresser.
I bought her several years ago in an antique store while on vacation on The Outer Banks of North Carolina.
I never cut the tag off - a la Minnie Pearl. The hat is navy blue with a red satin rose.

Another collection I have recently started - vintage clothing.
This lace trimmed cotton blouse buttons up the back.
I pinned a velted rose on it. It hangs on a metal quilt rack.

Remember that dress form I mentioned a few posts back?
Well here it is in my bedroom sporting a pink, yelow & blue crinolin. Not sure what to put on the top yet.

Moving downstairs...
A few books out in honor of President's Day.
My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. I'm not alone on that. According to poll takers, he is America's favorite president by far. I love that he was a man of faith, honesty & courage.

My very kind Mother-in-Law brought me a bouquet of daffodils the other day...for no reason. They are almost done by now, but they still smell wonderful. A sweet promise of Spring.

Thanks for visiting today and taking a peek into my (feminine) world.


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