Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Again...

Hello Friends,
Sorry I haven’t posted for several days.
Life has been crazy lately…I’m sure you understand.
Wanted to share some photos of some crafts I made this past week.

I am involved in women’s ministry at my church with a group of ladies called “Girlfriends”. This past weekend we attended a women’s retreat. I made these ribbons to give to the women there to remind them (and us all) that we all have gifts to share and that we are all GIFTED in one way or another.
The ribbons are supposed to look like old-fashioned trophy ribbons –like the kind you would get at the county fair. I made them with strips of fabric ripped from an old white sheet. They are a tad bit floppy, but I wanted to try making them out of fabric instead of satin ribbon. I stamped the word GIFTED using alphabet stamps.
The picture came from The Graphics Fairy. This is a great resource for vintage graphics to use in your art.

These totes were given away for a raffle prize. I just love me a good raffle sometimes – don’t you? I made them using a YUDU machine. My dad bought me one last fall. It is pretty fun. The plain cotton totes were only $1 each at Pat Catans craft store. These would make great party favors for a child’s party. Buy the totes and some fabric markers and let the kids design their own totes and then take them home.

To those ladies that I met at the retreat, please don’t be strangers.
I loved meeting you all.

To everyone…remember, you are gifted in one way or another!
Don’t you forget it!

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