Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Yard Sale Treasures - Part 1

Memorial Day weekend was a great one for yard sales.

We saw this...

and this...

and then this...

Which resulted in the purchase of these...

A Polka Dot Pyrex

A Blue & White Pyrex nesting bowl set. Looks like it was never used.

...all nested together

Some pottery...

This is my favorite find of the weekend. A yellow McCoy planter. I have never seen one like this before. The best part is what is on the bottom. It appears to have the original price stamp - 49 cents - from when it was on the shelf at the 5 and 10.

A pink planter marked USA. It was $1

A cute ivy vase

This Abe Lincoln bank was bought from a very nice older lady. It wasn't priced so I asked her how much it was. She responded "'s pretty old. I really like it but I need to part with some things.....(a long pause while I wait for her to tell me a very large sum of money) about 75 cents?". I said "How about $1?" She was cool with that. 
After watching American Picker's last night, which was all about the 
Civil War, I'm proud to own this little Abe bank in honor of what a great man Abraham Lincoln was.

I'll be posting Part 2 of my Yard Sale treasures tomorrow.

See you then,

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  1. Wow! It's like it was Pyrex weekend for you! I just love the Pyrex nesting bowls. I would love to donate all of my non-Pyrex mixing bowls and only use Pyrex in the kitchen. So cute! And that old lady sounds precious, asking for 75 cents!


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