Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures - Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my recently found yard sale treasures...

2 children's metal folding chairs. These were $2 each!!!! Very 1960's looking.

Retro cooler

This is what is inside, 2 freezable ice packs and an ice pick. The ice packs are metal.

A tall tole painted waste basket with lid.

I was soooo happy to find these. A pink Pyrex nesting bowl set. So 1950's!!

 Vanilla Wafers cookie tin - made in Richmond VA.

Yet another metal picnic basket.

A tiny sized vintage book with plaid cover. This will be a gift for someone I know.

Here is the charming!

Some hand-sewn fabric napkins in red and white - my favorite color scheme.

A metal store display for D-Con rat killer. 
I admit, this is a little weird. Right now I'm using it as a planter on my porch.

A tattered and torn vintage hand bag. Matches a pair of black children's shoes that I already owned.

Thanks for stopping by to see my treasures. I'd love to hear your stories about some of your great yard sale finds. Leave me a comment!

I'm also linked up to Apron Thrift Girls Thrift Share Monday. Check it out if you love to look at other people's finds.


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  1. What GREAT finds! I'm a sucker for pink Pyrex, so for sure I love those bowls. The cooler is incredible as well...thanks for sharing!

  2. great finds! I have not yet found a single piece of Pyrex at yardsales this spring. So of course I am a little jealous of your pretty pink bowls.

  3. These are amazing! I just love those vintage children chairs, the pyrex bowls and all of the fun metal things. What a score!

  4. WOW you totally scored!!! Love love the pink Pyrex set..what a fab find!!

  5. The cooler is totally amazing, and it must have been such a surprising delight when you opened it up!

  6. Oh your finds are all wonderful. My favorites have to be the waste basket and the pink Pyrex. Magnificent finds! :-)

  7. I would have bought the dcon too. I love quirky things like that.

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