Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flea Market Fun

One of my favorite flea markets in Pittsburgh is the Allegheny-Kiski Historical Society's Flea-Tique which is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month at the Tour-Ed Mine in Tarentum, Pennysylvania. This is where I began my collecting adventures over 20 years ago as a teenager.

Here is the family posing for a pic this past Sunday. The two ladies in hats have been coming here every summer for those 20 years and they have both been instrumental in influencing me and teaching me about collecting and antiques. The lady in the hat with sunglasses on is my Mom Diane and the other lady is her friend Beth.

My tastes have changed over the years, but I never leave this place empty handed and this past Sunday was no expection. Here is one of the neat things I bought there and it only cost $1.

This cute little metal toy stove was found at this nice vendor's booth. I had to ask her if I was reading the tag correctly and she said "yes, it is $1". Turns out she didn't think it was worth much because it has some rust and the oven door doesn't close.

I also saw these neat metal signs from an old store for sale at a different booth. I thought they would be great for my kitchen. Hubby said "no!" so I passed. Maybe he will make me a copy of these at work (he works at a sign company). One can hope.

Here is what I decided to do with the cute little stove. It is now my kitchen "message center".

An opening on the stove-top holds pens.

The oven door that won't close is perfect for holding sheets of note paper.

The metal body holds holds messages with a magnet.

To me this is reusing & recycling and its best. This cutie would also work great holding plants on your porch or on your desk holding post-its and other supplies.

I got some other great items at the flea market in addition to the little stove. Stop back tomorrow and I will share them with you :)


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  1. Too cute! You are very, very clever!

  2. Wow really cute baby... nice pohoto thanks for sharing..:)

  3. I would totally have had to knock you over and steal that stove!

    I have had a blog comment from you in my inbox for a coon's age that I have been meaning to answer, but it seems I am never getting to it. You asked about increasing blog traffic and I wish I had some magic formula for you. It seems like "nowadays" the best method is by linking to a ton of those blog party things. I have seen it work for others, but it just isn't *my* thing, if you kwim.


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