Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Flea Market Fun

Here are some things that I found at the flea market this weekend.

More Vintage Pyrex. I'm beginning to think I may need an intervention here. Not sure of the pattern name. I already used these to make cucumber salad.

Some cute coffee containers. Since I LOVE my coffee, I buy these when I see them. I love the Sanka jar. It still has coffee in it! It says "Lets You Sleep" - that cracks me up :)

At one of the booths at the flea-tique a vendor had a box of silverware she was selling 2 for $1.00. I dug through the box and came up with this neat baby spoon.

It is inscribed with someone's birthdate I assume.

A great use for these small silver spoons is to attach them to a jar of homemade jelly or preserves. Small butter knives work great for this too. When I see them for sale I usually buy a few and save them to use on a gift later.

My friend Cindy bought me these metal children's cups and saucers at the same flea market. She saw me looking at them and then bought them for me when I walked away. How sweet :) It is so great to have friends who "get you".

This vintage woman's bonnet came from the same vendor. She only charged me a $1.00 for it. I think I will just hang it on a pretty hanger and display it in my bedroom. I can't imagine wearing something like this back in the day. I just love the blue & red patterened fabric. Sometimes you just buy something because you like it and for no other reason or purpose. You can figure that out later :)

This is one of my favorite finds of the day - an old store display sign from a G.C. Murphy store. You may remember the other one that my husband purchased for me on ebay. The possibilities for this are endless - I may use it to display photos, messages or on my table at a special party.

I bought all of these children's hangers for $1.00 too. $1.00 seems to be my lucky number this week! I love vintage children's things - as if you couldn't tell already. I'm in love with the pastel colors and animals - especially the scottie dogs & roosters. These make great baby shower gifts with a new dress or outfit hanging from them.

I like to use these to hang vintage dresses which I display around the house.

This is similar to a dress that I wore when I was a kid. I tried to get my daughter to wear it once but she wasn't impressed with the 1970's design. LOL

I bought this sock stretcher/form this past weekend at a yard sale. Not sure where I will hang it in the house yet. It is made of galvanized metal. It goes well with the hands that I posted about previously. I will probably hang them all together.

Lastly, I bought this sweet embroidered dish towel from the same vendor where I found the silverware, bonnet and tea cups. I am going to sew it into a pillow.

Love the hand-stitching.

Here's to flea marketing! Make a point to go to at least one this summer before they are gone for the year...You never know what treasure you may find.


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  1. Wow! You found so many great treasures!! I especially like that store display sign!! Have a great day.

  2. I had that Winnie-the-Pooh dress in Kindergarten!! Love that! You have also inspired me to keep my eyes open for vintage Pyrex!!


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