Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Scenes

As you know I love to collect things and have many themed collections around the house. Some that I have shared here are my collections of heart shaped rocks, hose nozzles, gardening stuff & vintage school supplies.

Here are some of my favorite things that just say summer to me.
Strawberry table cloth

A berry picking basket

Strawberry jam pot

A soda pop bottle holds the first zinnia cut from my garden this year.
Love that vibrant orange color.

I love my metal porch furniture! Picnic anyone?

Brewing Sun Tea on the side porch 

Old paper ice cream carton & some green glass dishes make a cute display in the kitchen.

Porcelein coffee pot decorated with cherries

Stop over at Privet & Holly to see some other great collections from bloggers near & far and to read a great post about collecting.
I joined the collection show & tell party there too.

Privet and Holly

Enjoy this beautiful summer day!

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  1. KayteeJane,
    The perfect collection for this time of year. I love the ice cream scoop with the vintage green handle!

  2. I love all the bits of red in your summer collection.

    I am coming over from Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

    Glenda (link #27)

  3. Hi Katie! Welcome
    to the party : )
    Your summer collectibles
    positively sing. I
    especially loved the
    table cloth, the
    gorgeous metal chair
    and the zinnia in
    the soda bottle. Nothing
    says summer like zinnias!
    Thank you for this
    adorable glimpse into
    your collections.
    xx Suzanne


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