Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lisa's House

Join me as I take a tour of one of my dearest friend's home - a place filled with beautiful furniture and antiques! I love to come here and stroll through the rooms, taking in all the beautiful vignettes and lovely collections. Lisa and I don't get to see one another often but when we do it feels as though we have just picked up where we left off. Do you have any girlfriends like that? When we met for the first time years ago I think we knew instantly that we were destined to be friends. We affectionatly call each other "kindred spirits" and that is what she is to me.

Lisa's Family Room is home to this awesome antique farm table and tall step-back cupboard.

A lovely powder room for guests with a hand-painted sink bowl from Mexico.

Lisa's home has several antique cupboards, each filled with a different collection.

The Dining Room

The Living Room

Fun touches like beveled mirrors & chandeleirs make this room special.

Lisa has exquisite taste. Around her home she has a collection of beautiful vintage art hanging on every wall. Here are just a few....
Three-Sided Holy picture
Lisa stitched these "Told in a Garden" cross-stitch motif's herself.  

The outside of the home is just as pretty as the inside.
Here are some of the beautiful gardens.

Truthfully my photos do not do this home justice. It is so much prettier in person.
Thank you dear Lisa for allowing us to visit. Hoping to come back real soon :)

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  1. Katie, you are quite the photographer. I'm so touched that you took the time to post this. Please come back for another visit real soon. It was such a pleasure having you and your girls! Admiration back at you my kindred spirit. xoxo

  2. What a lovely home. One thing I noticed right away is the mirror hanging from a plate! Love that detail! All the green glass is lovely too. I'm glad you had time to see each other before school starts.


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