Friday, August 12, 2011

Pillow Talk

I had a burst of creative energy yesterday so I decided to stitch up some pillows that have been on the "to do" list for several years. (yes years!)

Union Jack Pillow -
I have always wanted one of those Union Jack pillows made so beautifully by Shabby Chic. I love all things British so I decided to try and make one myself and I love how it turned out.

I started with the traditional red & blue colors.
Here is the finished pillow. I wanted the stripes to be "ragged" so their edges are frayed. I've had that rhinestone crown pin for years and thought this was the perfect use for it.
I think I may try to make another one of these using muted colors like taupe & white.

I've also collected vintage seed & flour sacks for years with the intention of making pillows out of them. Here are some of the ones I've collected that were finally made into pillows last night.

Here is what they look like as pillows.

I have also saved several vintage embroidered items that I love with the hope of making them into something useful someday. There are only so many doilies you can put on your tabletops.

Here is the embroidered dishtowel I found at the flea market last month made into a cute little pillow. I think this would be cute in a baby's room.

This vintage laundry bag is too small to use for actual laundry. I decided to fill it and stitch it closed. I kept the loop handles on the top for a cute touch. I love how the girl is hanging up cute undies on the line.

I didn't have to spend any money to finish these pillows. All of this was made with materials that I had on hand just waiting to be used. The fiber fill for inside the pillows came from some ugly old couch pillows from a couch that I don't even own any more. I remembered that I had the pillows stored in my attic. I cut them open and used the filling inside. It was in perfect shape. Love when I don't have to give JoAnn any more of my cash!

On a sad note my old Kenmore sewing machine bit the dust last night. It was a Christmas present from my parents one year when I was in college. Now I'm on the look out for one to buy at a yard sale.

Thanks for stopping today to see my projects!

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  1. I love those! Your Union Jack turned out great! I saw the fabric and I wasn't sure and then all together they are fabulous!

    Love the other pillows too, especially the little embroidered water cans. You could sell those on etsy! Or a flea market or ......I would buy them if I could.

    You know I have a sewing machine but I am so intimidated by it. I have pictures in my mind of what I want to make and I just don't have the skills to make them happen. Should I just try it? Just do it? I have to start somewhere, right??? Okay, enough pouring out my sad little creative heart to you. :)

    Lovely job!


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