Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vintage Flash Cards

I found these neat vintage flashcards today and paid only 50 for them.

I was inspired by these ideas.

Picture Sources:
Framed Flashcards from Apartment Therapy
Flashcard Banner from Apartment Therapy

I also think these cards would be great just sitting in a bowl on a coffee table - easy access for those times when you just want to exercise you brain!

Vintage school supplies make great decorating accents around the home. Globes, old books, typewriters, rulers and flashcards are some of my favorites.


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  1. Just had a customer who places them upright in her antique cupboard, closes the drawer and has them as a little "reading" greeting for a grandchild. Sweet

  2. It's amazing how simplicity truly does breed learning. I think in today's world we are too busy making flash cards look "flashy" and forget that their real purpose is to teach. These simple things make learning so much easier.


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