Friday, May 18, 2012

Decorating with Vintage

Last Saturday I spent the day cleaning my front porch and putting out my Summer furniture and decor. As with most every space in my home I use vintage and thrifted pieces for my decorating. I try to use the things that I buy either as display or in service. What is the point of having neat things if you don't use them and enjoy them?

Here are some of the things outside on the front porch:

The "Menzie" milk box on the top is a recent buy - for $8 at an Estate Sale. I love these for storing things outside that I don't want everyone to see. Right now these boxes hold sidewalk chalk & bubbles for the kids. They are also great to have on hand so that if someone needs to leave something for you when you aren't at home they have a place to stash it out of sight.

More of my yellow planters. I've gotten such a great response to my pottery pics that I will probably be posting more photos soon of my vast collection. This little rack is new too. $2 from a junk store.

More pottery. White is my new fave.

Here is that little metal chair again. It is sitting in my garden now. I am going to plant some flowers in the pretzel tin.

Hubby came up with this idea. I did have a metal bird house hanging there first but I like this idea too.

This is a view of the whole porch. You can see my reflection in the front door glass.

Here are some new things that I've found lately that are being used around the house.

The planter shown above is one that I bought last Saturday for $1. I love it when I find cool stuff like that at yard sales. It was sitting on a table with a bunch of "new" things. I almost didn't see it there.

Below is a small grouping of white pottery that I have on my mantle right now. Not sure if you can see those flash cards. They say grow & white.

This little metal carrying rack is also new. Hubby paid 25 cents for it at an estate sale! It looks nice holding some of my vintage flower glasses. I have an entire set of these painted glasses. Each glass has a different flower on it and the flower's name. Great for summer. The only downfall - you can't put them in the dishwasher. Bummer!

This is also a new find. It also only cost 25 cents. I am using it right now to hold sugar for my coffee. What can I say? I like a lot of sugar!

I love decorating with and using my collections. If you look around Target and at stores like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn many of their home decorating items are copies of vintage items or have a vintage style. I love having that look too, but without paying full retail for it.

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  1. Love your finds! The yellow pottery is a fav of mine and that piece with the big knobby bumps is talking to me! LOL


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