Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pyrex Pie Plate

Pretty Pink Pyrex Pie Plate, Pretty Pink Pyrex Pie Plate...try saying that 5 times in a row!

I am so happy to be posting about this find. I have never seen a vintage Pyrex pie plate in white/pink. Now I own one! Hubby found it at a yard sale last weekend. He actually left it behind and then came home and told me about it. He didn't say it was a pie plate - he described it as a baking dish with no lid in red. The seller wanted 50 cents. I told him to go back and get it - hoping it would still be there. I figured any vintage pyrex for 50 cents was worth it no matter what it was. When he came home I did a happy dance when I saw what it actually was.

The plate was a little greasy. It must have baked lots of pies over the years. To remove grease from Pyrex I use Soft Scrub and a sponge. *disclaimer* Be Careful when you clean the painted surface with any kind of rubbing, abrasive or cleanser. You could remove the color or painted design! If you must clean the colored part, very gently rub with the soft side of a sponge until the grease is gone.

I think I'm going to have to make a cherry or raspberry pie especially so that I can use this plate.


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  1. What a great find! That plate is begging for a nice raspberry pie - LOL~ Enjoy!

  2. In all my years I have never seen one of these. Great find. You are lucky it was still there.


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