Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Shower

I recently hosted a baby "sprinkle" at my house. A "sprinkle" is a baby shower for someone who is having their second baby.

I decided to decorate using my vintage baby collectibles.

Here are some pictures.

This is the table that welcomed guests as they arrived. I decorated using an old baby scale, baby shoe planters, a Johnson's Baby Powder tin and some old baby cards. A metal store sign holds a homemade welcome sign.

This baby scale is used to hold the favors - which were a bag of Trader Joe's kettle corn (love the blue & white stripes) and a drinking cup.

I used some of my favorite vintage baby planters to hold flowers.

Blue McCoy baby shoes

Vintage flash cards & more baby shoe planters

Old baby blocks spell out the baby's initials. Little plastic "Kewpie" dolls are part of the decorations too.

Another baby scale is used to hold cups.

A table outside is decorated with vintage flash cards, an old book with a great title, vintage baby hangers & more pottery.

I LOVE this idea so much. I hung 3 umbrellas from our clothesline. I had some crystals left over from a broken chandelier that I saved and I hung those from the line as well. The crystals are the rain drops.

My chalkboards were put to use too. This one on the front porch welcomes people.

One of my favorite scriptures that I think is perfect for a new mother or baby.

I had such a good time decorating using items from my own collections. I didn't have to buy one thing to decorate with! I love how it all turned out. The best part...I get to keep all of these decorations to enjoy again and again.


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