Friday, August 3, 2012

Longing for Pyrex

Earlier this summer we had a near tragedy in the kitchen. A shelf (inside the kitchen cabinet where I store all of my Pyrex) decided to succumb to all of the weight that was on it and came crashing down. Luckily, NONE of the Pyrex I had on or below that shelf broke. sigh! Since that time the items that were sitting on the shelf have been relocated to the dining room floor. Although the shelf has been repaired, I hesitate to put anything on it for fear it will crash down again. So here the stuff sits. I care more about my Pyrex then I do about a clutter-free dining room.

Speaking of Pyrex I have been lusting after many of the Pyrex collections I have seen on blogs and on Pinterest. So many great patterns and colors that I never even knew existed. Once I see the pieces I am longing for I go to ebay to see what they are selling for. YIKES - they are expensive! I guess I'm not the only person out there who likes vintage Pyrex. In addition to the pink Gooseberry bowls that I am wishing for I have added to my list a green "Princess style" Christmas bowl (not sure of the pattern name) and a new found appreciation for anything orange.

Here are some great Pyrex collections found via Pinterest.

I'm not sure of the original source for this photo. (One thing that I don't like about Pinterest.) I think it may have come from here. If by chance you know the original source please message me so that I can give credit.

The blog "Lark and Lola" showcases a great Pyrex collection. The picture below (from that blog) was the one that put me on the hunt for that Christmas bowl.

I have been to several Goodwill stores in my area on the hunt with optimism that I will score something great. No luck! There hasn't been anything! What I do see has been scratched, broken or so crusted with grease I doubt it could be salvaged. Yesterday I went to one of the Goodwill "bin" stores for the first time. Other known as a Goodwill Outlet. If you have never been it is an experience. Stuff is put into bins and is sold by the pound. I think the price per pound is $1.38. The bins are full of anything and everything - clothing, shoes, books, dishes, broken stuff - you name it. You have to be willing to dig inside the bins to see what is for sale. It is not recommended that you try this if your tetnus shots have lapsed!  I didn't buy anything and was disappointed. When I left I felt like I needed to go home and take a shower immediately. Nothing great and of course no Pyrex. I'm sure if there had been any it was probably sent to another non-outlet store and priced.

I have been searching all summer at yard sales, church sales, estate sales and flea markets.  I finally found a piece worth buying last night at a St. Vincent de Paul store for $1.99. It is the Town and Country pattern in orange (although it doesn't look very orange from my picture).  It is a bit greasy - but nothing that can't be cleaned.

Tomorrow the family and I are heading to a large number of sales in one neighborhood. I am hopeful that I will find some Pyrex. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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