Sunday, August 5, 2012

The drought is over

After posting about not finding any Pyrex, that very same day I bought all of this! (except the top dish which I had posted about earlier) 

My friend Alexis and I spent the day junking. It was such great fun. I found the snowflake baking dish and the 2 bowls at an antique store. The price didn't set me back much either. The baking dish was $4.00 and the two bowls were $3.50 for the two. The baker is in perfect condition and doesn't appear to have ever been used. It is a petite size for a baking dish - measuring 9.5" x 6.5". I guess I am so used to seeing the large-sized baking dishes that are so popular in kitchenware today that I wasn't sure about buying it. In this case it helps to have a friend along to convince you.  Alexis had the idea to use it for spinach and artichoke dip. Yes, it would be so cute for dip. That encouragement was all that I needed. Sold! Later my sister-in-law Frannie said something like "great portion control" in reference to the size of the Pyrex bakers. Yes - that is also another great reason to use these.

The blue bowls are not Pyrex. They are Anchor Hocking. They are the same turqoise color as the baker. The booth where I found these was very cute because everything on display had a turquoise color scheme. I love seeing unrelated items grouped together by color.

After shopping at the antique store we went to a Habitat for Humanity store. Let me tell you this store was stocked! Every eisle had mercandise ready for sale. The store was so nice and clean with wonderful displays. Whoever manages this store gets a star because it is a great shopping experience compared to many thrift stores around here that can be dirty and gross and not well merchandised. Anyway, I spied the orange baker on a shelf. It also is in nice condition and the color is a very vibrant orange. The only drawback - no lid. The price tag said $16.00. I thought that was sorta high for a thrift store so I put it back. Turns out the store was having a sale that day and all glassware was 75% off. I ended up buying the baking dish for $4.00!

I cleaned up the round orange dish that I bought earlier and it matches the rectancle dish perfectly. I also love the orange and turquoise together. I am so happy with my finds. Just looking at these makes me smile.

Yesterday I bought these two mugs. To me these are so ugly that they are pretty. I can't explain that only to say that ten years ago I wouldn't have looked twice at these and now I think they are great. I guess everything that was once popular comes back into style again at some point. They are definatly "retro" don't you think? I guess the owner didn't get the memo that the 60's & 70's are cool right now. They are Fire King. They are white on the inside. I can't wait to clean them up and begin using them.

In addition to the mugs above I bought a ton of other stuff yesterday at yard sales. Hoping to get some pictures taken soon so that you can see the great treasures that I found.


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