Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scarf from a Vintage Tablecloth

I seem to be on a scarf kick. Recently I made a scarf using a vintage Christmas tablecloth. Here is how I did it.

Before starting pick a vintage tablecloth that is damaged with stains and/or holes ~ one that you don't mind cutting up. Look it over and decide which part of the pattern you want to use for your scarf. For mine I measured 6" from the edge of the material and then cut a piece 6" wide by the entire length of the tablecloth. (Since the edges of these table cloths are usually plain white material I trimmed that section off before measuring.)

I cut 2 pieces of material to use for my scarf, each 6" wide by the length of the scarf. I then cut one of those pieces in half. To make the scarf I will use one long piece and one half-sized piece. Based on the size of your tablecloth you may not need to do this. I wanted a long scarf to wrap around my neck several times so I decided to add a half section to my original piece of material to make the scarf longer. To determine if my scarf was long enough I placed the first cut piece around my neck to get an idea of how long it would be. Then I decided to add another section. Just play around with it using your own judgement.

Next sew the two pieces right sides together on the short edge so that you now have one long strip of fabric.

Once you have your long strip of fabric, fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew a seem sewing the two pieces together along the rough edge of the entire length of the scarf.

When you get to the seem where the two pieces of fabric are sewn together, press the seem flat (not open) and stitch over it.

The two short ends should remain open. Now turn the entire scarf right side out. You will now have a long tube.

Unfinished ends:

Now turn the unfinished edges inside the tube. You may need to press this with an iron before sewing. You can then finish the scarf by sewing the ends shut. I decided to add some trim to the end of my scarf. I attached the trim while sewing the ends closed.

Once finished press flat with an iron.
I think it turned out nice. A very different scarf ~ definately with a vintage flair.


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  1. Oh my gosh this is EXACTLY what I am looking to do - thanks so much for the tutorial!


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