Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The $2 Infinity Scarf

I was planning on writing this post about making gifts out of a thrifted sweater. Unfortunately that didn't work out when I decided to wash the thrifted sweaters. I ended up with something so shrunken and unuseable that the only thing these "sweaters" are good for now are for the cat to sleep on. Oh well...I have a better project to share with you anyway. ~ I love how that works out. You plan for something good but in the destruction something better comes along :) Here is what I want to share with you....

I made the infinity scarf shown above and all it cost me was $2 and 15 minutes of time. I kid you not! I love infinity scarves. I pretty much love all types of scarves, as do most women these days. Recently while at Dollar Tree (I think I should be blogging for them as I promote their products enough) I found these snowmen scarves on sale. I bought 2.

I had an idea to sew these two scarves together to make an infinity scarf. I figured - what the heck? - if it doesn't turn out all I am out is $2.

First, I ironed the scarves to make them easier to sew.

Next I stitched the short ends of the two scarves together. To do this just place one scarf on top of the other. Sew the short sides together using a basic straight stitch. You will do this twice - once on each end of the scarf. When you are finished you will have one large continuous loop.

Here is a picture of me in the mirror to show you just how long the big loop is once the two scarves are sewn together into one. (please ignore the background and yucky smudge on the mirror)

Putting the two scarves together gives you plenty of length so that you can loop the scarf around your neck several times making it very full and lush.

This is me wearing the finished scarf. This project took me no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. No complicated sewing involved. A child could do it.

I LOVE how it turned out. SO easy, SO inexpensive and SO cute and stylish!

Heading out now to buy more of these. (Hoping they are still there.) I think I will stitch up a few for gifts. I am going to be on the look out for non-holiday themed scarves there as well.

Happy gift creating!!!


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  1. What a super fun idea! I love the way it looks on you! I have used overly felted sweaters in two ways for Christmas decor. One, cut into squares and layer varying colors ( I used red, black, and grey) on a heavy wire then close in circle, add a bow and cute Christmas wreath. Also cut in varying sized circles and stack for a cute tree. Thanks for the great inspiration!


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