Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crocheted Potholders

Today I'm showing you my collection of vintage crocheted potholders. I've collected these for several years and currently have around 40. I am attracted to their cheery colors. These make me smile when I look at them. I also have a very soft spot for hand crafts from the past. I am in awe of women who made things like these to decorate with and to use. Although they are super cute, they are also functional and can be used as originally intended - as potholders.

 I love the ones that are little dresses and bloomers.

This one is displayed with my bird collection - it is a favorite.
I love to display a few in the kitchen - and actually use them.

When we remodeled our kitchen I had an idea to hang the entire collection from a clothesline with miniature clothes pins. I even have an antique metal clothesline dispenser (in red paint no less) that was bought just for this idea. If/when I ever actually do this I will be sure to show pics.


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  1. Oh my - you have such NICE potholders. So many of mine are faded and stained. I took out all my red ones over the weekend, and I thought I might hang them up on my window valances in the kitchen. I also admire them and the ladies who made them. They were so patient!

  2. Love these! I had a few from my Grandma but they have unraveled or fell apart. It's nice to see such a nice collection.

  3. What a beautiful collection! I only have a few myself. I look forward to seeing them displayed one day as you mentioned, it sounds wonderful.



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