Thursday, January 31, 2013

Humble Collections

It is no secret, I repeat NO SECRET, that I love to collect stuff. I love to collect mostly older things - some are valuable in the eyes of the world and some not. I just collect stuff that I like - period, the end. Here is an example of a collection that I have that isn't valuable by any means, but I like it so I collect it.
Aunt Jemima Bottles. I just like these. I guess because they are something of the past that doesn't exist anymore. It all started when I saw some one else on the web that had a similar collection. I thought to myself "wow, that is cool". Shortly thereafter I began seeming Aunt J at sales. She was pretty inexpensive - about a $1. So I bought a few. Yes these are pretty useless - except to look at. But that is ok. I bring them out every January. I guess I associate winter with pancakes or something. Along the way I've also bought some other maple syrup things that I've seen around to go with this collection.
I guess the point of me telling you all of this is to encourage you to collect, display and enjoy what you love. Don't just collect because something is valuable monetarily - or you think it may be in the future. If you like it then it is valuable to you. I would love to hear about some of the things you collect. Let me know in the comments.

By the way, if you love pottery or antiques like I do and would love to see some great collections, pop on over to the blog I Love Collecting. You will be inspired to begin a collection today.


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  1. I love it. I started collecting milk glass without even knowing it. I bought a few vases, and then some flower pots, and now I have a lamp, and candle holders. I don't think some of them are true milk glass, but they are similar and fit in quite nicely.

  2. I love my aunt jamima collection, I think I have 15 or so now in 3 different sizes. You are right, they serve no real purpose(like most things we collect), but if you get a smile on your face when you see them, then that is a good enough reason to have them! My collection lives atop my kitchen cupboards all year round, quietly looking over all that happens in there :)


  3. Love it!! and I love Maple Syrup Tins too... :-)... oh, and thanks for mentioning my blog!! :-)



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