Thursday, January 17, 2013


Collecting definitely runs in my family. In fact, I completely blame my mom for my obsession with vintage, collecting & antiques. She has been a collector for most of her life and her house is filled with many unique items.

One such collection centers around owls. I can remember these being on display while growing up. Whenever I see an owl I always think of my mom.

Recently mom has decided to go through her home and downsize her collections. While she was sorting through a closet of treasures we came across these owls. Many of these once held a place of honor in the home. Seeing them again brings me back to my childhood. As owls are pretty popular right now in home furnishings I thought I would share these with you.

 This one holds a candle inside.

These two were made in Japan.
Westmoreland Glass  - one is pink, one is yellow. The owls are standing on top of books.
A brass ashtray/cigar holder

Most of these things will be heading on to new owners - while the rest will stay with mom for now.

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