Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saturday Thrifting

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday during the winter is thrift store shopping. I seem to long for a "junk fix" as you will when there are no yard sales or estate sales to hit. Hubby and I decided that a day hitting the thrifts would be the best form of entertainment. I love that man I do.
We made it to 5 stores in one day - with the kids along too. I didn't do any clothes shopping for myself which kept our time at each location short. Instead I searched for vintage treasures that were waiting for me to rescue them. Hubby found this lovely pink bird to add to my collection. $2. There was an entire box of birds for sale. I assume one person donated his/her entire collection. I can just see into the future when history repeats itself and my girls are cleaning out my house and parting with all of my birds.
The day also included a stop at the "bins" store. We've been to this store before as told about in THIS POST. I was open minded enough to try it again. Now I think I am hooked and I LOVE THE BINS! It was exhilarating. A real rush for a junker like me. I think I just enjoyed the crazy digging. Fighting for the best loot along with several other junk shoppers. It really wasn't about the finds but about the looking - if that makes any sense. I would have been just as happy to leave behind what I pulled from the bins once I filled up my cart. I actually did leave quite a bit of things behind. I filled up my cart during the frenzy, then after things died down I sorted through everything and only bought those things that I couldn't live without. I'm actually proud of myself for the restraint I showed. I really could have lived without any of it, but I got out of there paying only $2.50 for some craft supplies (below) and 2 vintage felt Christmas stockings (and some shirts the kids wanted) - so I didn't do too bad. The point is I can control my buying. Which is a necessity when you love vintage and junking like I do.

Here is what we brought home from our entire day of shopping. As usual, hubby was better at finding things than me. It is great to have him around!
 A few pieces of vintage pottery came home with us. A matte white vase for 99 cents & a baby bottle- shaped planter.
Some bathroom towels that will be refreshed with new trim.
And this sweet, small-sized manger scene that was made in Italy.
I think we spent a total of $25 on everything - not including our lunch at Wendy's. We also bought some kids clothing & shoes - which aren't show.

Here's to winter thrift shopping!

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  1. You are amazing!!! What fun you must have, looking for those treasures!

    After I am done purging and moving, I hope you will let me tag along on one of your adventures!!!

  2. Oh Katie.... my sister and I say the same thing each time we go out "thrifting" and see a lot of one thing on the shelves. We know it msut have been someone's collection and often pause to think of how much joy it brought into their lives, doing the same thing that we do....."GOODWILL HUNTING" LOL.

  3. Looks like a good day with some fun loot. I also have a bird collection (lives in my bathroom). Great score on those stockings at the bins...they are awesome!


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