Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hannah's "new" dresser

I recently posted about my daughter Hannah's bedroom redo and how I was selling her lovely "shabby sweet" furniture. Read the original post HERE.  I have since sold the furniture off to new homes and her room has been redone. She originally wanted IKEA furniture to replace the pieces I sold. We were planning on buying her something from there but as luck would have it hubby stumbled upon an old dresser in someone's trash and put it in the back of his truck.  Old habits die hard around here. Once a trash picker, always a trash picker. I wish I would have gotten a "before" picture of it. (I am terrible at remembering to do that). The dresser was pretty darn ugly. Visualize a little boy's room circa 1960. There was even a Conestoga Wagon made of wood glued to the front of one of the drawers! Ugly aside -the dresser is SOLID WOOD - which you can't say about IKEA stuff - so we decided to take a chance and paint it. This picture shows how it looked right before painting (without the drawers). I took a pic of the Conestoga Wagon (shown below) just to prove that it actually exsisted!

Hubby uses a paint sprayer now to paint all of our projects. The end result looks very professional - and it is much quicker and easier to do. I would recommend painting this way to anyone who paints furniture. Here are some pictures in process. Paint - Clark & Kensington from Ace Hardware

Finished Dresser - We added an old mirror that was also found in the trash previously. I love the bright aqua she chose. I think it looks great against the green bedroom walls. This is a small-sized dresser, which is perfect for an 8 year old. The best part is the final price tag - $15 for paint and $30 for knobs. Much cheaper than buying brand new furniture. Plus, if she beats it up, spills on it or writes on it (which she has been known to do) I won't be as upset as I would normally be if I had spent $250 +.

(dresser knobs from Target)

Here are some pictures of the rest of the bedroom.

Chalkboard Wall. I painted one wall in each of my daughter's bedrooms in chalkboard paint. It took 2 coats to cover the wall. The girls enjoy writing notes to each other on their walls and Hannah enjoys playing school. The only down side is it does create a lot of chalk dust on the floor. We have hardwood floors in the bedrooms so I'm not too worried about it because it is an easy clean up. Not sure how I would feel with carpeting.
I snuck a little vintage in by using an old bedspread as a dust ruffle.

The final result is a very bright & cheery room. I love how it turned out. All furniture is second-hand, thrifted or found.


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