Friday, June 28, 2013

Pottery Bounty

This past weekend I hit a few yard sales and also a flea market. I found some great vintage pottery. In one weekend of yard sales I scored 5 McCoy pieces plus a few others! For me that is unheard of. I can not turn down vintage McCoy when I can afford to buy it. It is my absolute favorite and getting harder and harder to find. Here are the pieces that I found with what I paid.

Pair of vases - yellow & white. Paid $1.00 for both.
McCoy flower pot. Paid $5. I bought this at a flea market. The seller made a point to tell me "These are collectible" - oh really?

Brush McCoy planter "bambo". I paid $1.00. I already had the bamboo flower pot in the background.

Little green vase. Not sure of the maker. Hubby found this one at a charity store. It is a very pretty green. Paid 69 cents.

Another flower pot. The sweet lady who sold us this one said she thinks it may be McCoy. I have never seen this pattern before. I really like it. It is unmarked. I paid $3.00.

Brush McCoy planter. Bought at a yard sale for $4.00. Tried to get it for less but no dice! (I had to try :)) No problem. It is def worth $4.
A baby shoe to add to my collection of pottery baby shoes. I believe this is McCoy also. Not marked. I paid $1.00.

The shelves are pretty much overflowing with pottery around here. I just can't say no to it when I find and it is so affordable. I love it and that hasn't changed over time.


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  1. POTTERY!!! YAY! I had some good scores this weekend too!

  2. The green planter you didn't know is not McCoy, but Shawnee Pottery.

  3. Love, love, love your finds and how you put them all together! I always enjoy buzzing by for a visit.

    I had two of those Shawnee pots - tiny and small - and I sold them on easy. Kind of sorry now! I keep putting things on there that I really like (she says with a whine) but we live in a small house and I just can't keep it all.


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