Monday, June 20, 2011


This weekend I went to my favorite church rummage sale, which is held one weekend in June each year. It did not disappoint. I look forward to this sale all year because I always find something vintage for a great price. The sale begins on a Friday evening. When you arrive at the church there is a line out the door waiting for the sale to begin. Mark and I had planned to go out to a special dinner for our anniversary that night. When I learned that this sale was happening at the same time, I changed my dinner reservation so that I could shop first!

I bought all of this stuff for $12.50! I kid you not! 

Here are the treasures up close.

A set of pink depression glass. There was a box of it on the table which had 3 dinner plates, 7 bowls, 5 cups and 5 saucers. The price....$7 for all! I snatched that up instantly.

Pottery. I'm always on the look out for vintage planters.

I was lucky enough to find some old McCoy.

More Pyrex bowls. These are not my typical color choice, but I still like them. I may sell them too.

I also found some vintage linens at this sale. This yellow & gray tablecloth is in great shape.

The reason I am so successful at this sale is that Mark and I do the shopping as a team. When the doors open he goes one way and I go another. This way we can cover more ground faster. That is the key to success at this type of sale where everyone is grabbing in a mad frenzy. It is fierce competition those first minutes when everyone is looking to find the best stuff! He is actually a better treasure hunter than I am. From the above photos he found all of the pottery and the Pyrex bowls.

This lot of treasures was round 1. We paid $12.50 for all of this, loaded it up in the truck and came back to search for more. I will show you what else we found tomorrow.

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  1. Wow Katie!! I had no idea you and Mark were so gifted in collecting and home construction. Everything has such a nice mix of classy character and contemporary build. I love it. I'm a designer - of PRINT and WEB - but am seriously shafted in the home design realm. I love working OUTside, but our inside is so sad. And we have no skills or ideas of what to do with it. Sigh. Its awesome you both tagteam this stuff too! Nice blog!! :) See you soon!

  2. Great finds!! I haven't attended a church sale in ages, but love them!!

  3. Love the depression glass and your strategy!


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