Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Weekend Finds

Here is what else we found at the church rummage sale and also at some sales we hit this past Saturday.

A Pyrex baking dish. I really like this one. I can see making baked mac and cheese in here.

Some table cloths and linen dish towels. The table cloths are in great shape. I bought the patch work one at the church sale. It is new - from Pier 1. The vintage table cloth came from a yard sale. It cost $1. The dish towels are in rough shape. They have some wear and holes. They are very soft though. I am still going to use them. They are great for drying - super absorbent.

Miscellaneous odds and ends. An old thermos - cute for display. The old picture will be removed and the paper frame used for crafts. The moth ball tin - I liked the graphics on it and also the original price tag of 39 cents. 

This little compact is pretty cute. It doesn't look like it was ever used. It cost $1 at an estate sale. I display these on my bedroom dresser just for fun.

Christmas stuff. A bag of  vintage elfs, a strand of mercury glass beads (these were free!), and a never used box of Shiny Bright ornament hangers. I love these old boxes. I don't open them but just put them out on display at Christmas time. The original price on this box was 13 cents.

This tree skirt was found at the church rummage sale. It is hand crocheted and in beautiful condition. The price? 50 cents. Mark was the one who found this. We both felt that we had to buy it. We kind of think of these hand made items as lost souls that need rescued and appreciated for how special they are. Who else would appreciate the fact that someone took the time to lovingly hand make this? Obviously not the person who priced it! I will be putting this under my white feather tree this coming Christmas.

These are the treasures for this week. The church sale was a great success. The yard sales on Saturday not so much. It hasn't been a very fruitful yard sale season so far this year for me. But, that doesn't stop me from getting out each week and looking anyway :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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