Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Scout Handbook

I love these old field guides and hand books for the nature lover/wanna be explorer inside this suburban mom.

I like to stack them up with the titles facing out - so that it looks like I'm a very knowledgeable person on plants and flowers :)

I love buying old scout hand books. I've have a few Boy Scout Handbooks over the years and have sold them. This old Girl Scout Handbook sits on display on my mantle during the summer. 

This particular book belonged to Rosalyn Mary Heintz of Erie, Pennsylvania. She became a girl scout in 1944. This book is copyrighted 1940 by The Girl Scouts of America and originally cost 75 cents to purchase. 

A message from the Chief Scout is printed in the forward of the book. It reads "Remember that your promises were made on your honor, and a girl Scout's honor is a very big thing. She may be trusted on her honor to do her best."

There is a lot of interesting information in this book. This page details how to earn the Handywoman Badge. That badge is right up my alley!

Other topics include the proper way to display the American Flag and on what holidays displaying the flag is appropriate.

I love these old pieces of history. I seem to gravitate to stuff from the 1940's for some reason. Not sure why, I just love the look of that era. I can almost picture Rosalyn wearing her girl scout uniform and learning how to be a good scout.

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