Friday, June 24, 2011

P.B. the Scientist

Today I want to brag a little about my daughter Gabriella. She wrote and illustrated this book and gave it to me for Mother's Day. It is a story about P.B. (aka Peanut Butter) who wants to follow his dream of being a scientist. I think it is charming. Read along. I think you will think so too.

P.B. the Scientist by Gabriella

P.B. was a famous soccer player.

He did not want to be a soccer player, he wanted to be a scientist.

When he did experiments, they always blew up.

P.B. tried learning lots of science formulas.

P.B.'s mom said he was wasting his time.

Then a famous scientist came to his town.

P.B. met him.

The scientist asked P.B. what he wanted to be.

He said he wanted to be a scientist.

The scientist taught P.B. many things.

They did lots of experiments together.

 P.B. got really good at science.

When his mom saw what he could do, she let him quit playing soccer.

P.B. went on to become a famous scientist! 
The End

I love how P.B. wants to become a scientist and not a soccer player :)

Thanks for visiting today and letting this mom brag a little.


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  2. you have to know that as a scientist I am CRAZY about this awesome little book!

  3. Thanks Sarah!
    I love visiting your blog to check out what your cuties are up to also.


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