Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Junk Drunk - part 3

Here is the rest of what I bought recently at yard sales.

This beautiful glass basket. I have a small collection of these that I put out at Easter every year. This one is in perfect shape - and it only cost $1!! I'm thinking I might find a place to display these pretty baskets all year.

Some pottery:

White is my new favorite color - mainly because I seem to find a lot of it for sale.

Both of these pieces are small in size. The bird looks like a stork or heron. They are matte finish.

I found this cute little house planter recently at a junk store. It is Haeger pottery. I thought it was pretty cute and didn't want to leave it behind. Like a real house it has a front and a back side.

These two glasses came from the lady who was clearing out her whole house. I always buy these when I see them. They are to add to my already large collection of flower glasses.

I also bought this cute flower sifter. There were two of these for sale - one with yellow flowers and one with blue. I decided I didn't need both so I bought the blue one. Love it.

I also found this metal wax paper holder. It mounts on the wall and you put your entire box of wax paper in it. Functional but oh so cute!! I love it but it is currently for sale on ebay because I already have one - shown below.

Also for sale on ebay are these awesome retro ash trays. They are both Royal Haeger pottery. The colors are so vibrant. They remind me of Mad Men so much - when smoking was the stylish thing to do. Even though I don't smoke I was tempted to keep them because they are so neat. Hopefully someone who collects these will buy them and appreciate them.

Hubby found this great old train lantern with nice red glass.

Thanks for stopping to check out my finds.


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