Monday, August 6, 2012

junk drunk - part 1

Over the next several posts I will be sharing pictures of the treasures I have found recently while out junking. It is starting to get insane! My floor is covered with stuff and now I've got to figure out what to do with everything - the ugly side to collecting!  To say I am "junk drunk" (one of my favorite expressions that Mike & Frank from American Pickers use) is an understatement. I'm junk OD'd and need to stop going to sales before I show up on Hoarders.

This past Saturday we hit a community having 100+ yard sales. My friend Lisa (you remember her beautiful house) organized it. She made some great signs to point the way to houses - my favorite one said in bold letters -  "All roads lead to yard sales". She wasn't kidding and after 4 hours of shopping in the heat I was sweaty, tired and loaded with goodies.

Here are some of the great things I found at those sales.

Let's begin with some bread boxes! I have a soft spot for these and can't pass them up if they are cheap. The two read and white boxes were purchased for 75 cents each! Now you know why I couldn't just walk away from them. You can't even buy a candy bar these days for 75 cents! The box with the two doors - I guess to hold baked goods as well as bread - is pretty worn. I love boxes in this style though so I will probably keep it anyway.

The box with the yellow lid was found several weeks ago. This box and it's contents is an entire post in itself for a later date. I bought it for $5 at an estate sale because of what was inside. This handwritten tag on the top gave a clue to what I might find.

I purchased the box without going through the contents first. I took a risk figuring that it would be exciting no matter what the outcome. Well, the contents did not disappoint! Here is a sneak peek until that later post when all will be shown.

This cute little trash can was found at the same sale where I bought the red and white bread boxes. It was also 75 cents. This is another thing I can't walk away from - cute vintage waste cans. I have one in just about every room in my home. This one will go into my daughter's room. 

While we are on the topic of old metal stuff - I bought this tray recently at a church sale. I think I paid $1 or maybe less. Not sure if I will keep it or not. Again, I'm a sucker for old trays with florals & leaves.

Another trash can. I only bought this one because it reminds me so much of my childhood. I was (and still am) a Holly Hobbie freak. I plan to take this can to work to bring a little vintage/retro to my office space.

The original price tag is still intact - and I won't be removing it either! Seeing this tag on here made me want it even more. Gold Circle was a frequent shopping destination back in the 1980's for my Mom. I can still picture the inside of the store in my mind. Wish I could decode this tag to tell what year it is from. Maybe 1979? This can only cost $2.19 back then.

Stop by again in a day or two for more treasures. They just keep on coming!


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  1. Love those breadboxes--and what amazing prices!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS what a blast from the past! I remember Gold Circle - they were part of Federated Department Stores groups back in 1970s/80s until they got sold out and then liquidated. I LOVED THEM! And I have been looking and looking for a breadbox like the one you found with two doors - that is EXACTLY what I want for my retro kitchen and I want to be able to actually use it. So jealous!!! GaDawn57

  3. By the way... I was re-reading your blog today and thought to myself....what a cute tray with the pine needles. Can put it out in the fall with decor right through the winter months and it would work for a long time! What a great little buy and I hope you kept it! Same with that bread box and the linens!!!


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