Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Facebook Page

I decided to go ahead and make a Facebook page for KayteeJane's House. Seems like so many people connect on FB these days that I figured it would be a nice compliment to the blog. I hope to post shorter posts with pictures more frequently there - like if I'm in a thrift store and see something really neat I can just post right from my iphone without waiting to get home and write up a longer blog post.

So, if you want more frequent updates in "real time" about my junking adventures you can go to www.facebook.com/kayteejaneshouse and "like" the page. You can also just click on the orange Facebook icon to the right and that will take you there directly.

For those of you that don't Facebook - no worries! This blog is still my first love. I will be posting here a few times a week (at least) with longer posts and more pictures.

Thanks so much for the "likes". It is fun to see the numbers grow!

These beautiful Hydrangeas were cut the day before "Sandy" came to town. They are a magnificent purple and green color. By now the blooms outside are done and the leaves have turned an ugly, wilted black due to the colder temps. These remain on my coffee table - dried by now - but still a beautiful color. Now I just need to keep my cat from chewing on them!

Have a wonderful day. Thanks so much for visiting. I appreciate each and every one of you who chose to stop here amidst a sea of other online choices.


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