Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Candles

Today I am sharing my favorite Thanksgiving decoration - these vintage Gourley candles. I love them because the large pilgrim woman and man sat on my Mom's Thanksgiving table when I was growing up and they remind me of her.

I've added to the collection over the years when I've seen them at yard sales or thrift stores. But the two original candles are still my favorite. You probably can't see it in the picture, but the pilgrim woman (in blue) melted a bit so that instead of standing upright her back is arched and she is now looking toward Heaven in prayer. Love that!

Do you have any sentimental items around your home that you decorate with? Maybe they came from someone dear to you or remind you of your childhood? I would love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!

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  1. I have fond memories of those candles! My mom had several of the Christmas carolers - if I ever saw any I would buy them since they make me think of my dear sweet mom.


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