Friday, June 24, 2011

P.B. the Scientist

Today I want to brag a little about my daughter Gabriella. She wrote and illustrated this book and gave it to me for Mother's Day. It is a story about P.B. (aka Peanut Butter) who wants to follow his dream of being a scientist. I think it is charming. Read along. I think you will think so too.

P.B. the Scientist by Gabriella

P.B. was a famous soccer player.

He did not want to be a soccer player, he wanted to be a scientist.

When he did experiments, they always blew up.

P.B. tried learning lots of science formulas.

P.B.'s mom said he was wasting his time.

Then a famous scientist came to his town.

P.B. met him.

The scientist asked P.B. what he wanted to be.

He said he wanted to be a scientist.

The scientist taught P.B. many things.

They did lots of experiments together.

 P.B. got really good at science.

When his mom saw what he could do, she let him quit playing soccer.

P.B. went on to become a famous scientist! 
The End

I love how P.B. wants to become a scientist and not a soccer player :)

Thanks for visiting today and letting this mom brag a little.


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Scout Handbook

I love these old field guides and hand books for the nature lover/wanna be explorer inside this suburban mom.

I like to stack them up with the titles facing out - so that it looks like I'm a very knowledgeable person on plants and flowers :)

I love buying old scout hand books. I've have a few Boy Scout Handbooks over the years and have sold them. This old Girl Scout Handbook sits on display on my mantle during the summer. 

This particular book belonged to Rosalyn Mary Heintz of Erie, Pennsylvania. She became a girl scout in 1944. This book is copyrighted 1940 by The Girl Scouts of America and originally cost 75 cents to purchase. 

A message from the Chief Scout is printed in the forward of the book. It reads "Remember that your promises were made on your honor, and a girl Scout's honor is a very big thing. She may be trusted on her honor to do her best."

There is a lot of interesting information in this book. This page details how to earn the Handywoman Badge. That badge is right up my alley!

Other topics include the proper way to display the American Flag and on what holidays displaying the flag is appropriate.

I love these old pieces of history. I seem to gravitate to stuff from the 1940's for some reason. Not sure why, I just love the look of that era. I can almost picture Rosalyn wearing her girl scout uniform and learning how to be a good scout.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mud Pies

I don't know what it is about being a kid and playing in the dirt, but mud pies always seem to be on the menu. I caught my girls making these the other evening. I thought I would share them with you because they make me smile.

I love how they used what they had on hand to decorate them.

A few years ago I found this cute little book somewhere. I bought it just because I thought it was interesting that someone actually wrote a book about making mud pies. 

I don't think you actually need a recipe book for mud least I don't :) - but it is fun to read anyway.

Just looking at these little sand cakes and pies that my daughters created helps me to stop and appreciate the beauty in the simple, little things around us each day. I love how a child can take what they have on hand and create something with it. There is no need to go out and buy the biggest and the best toy or gadget out there. Some sand, dirt, flowers, grass and cups & saucers can entertain for hours.

Here's to making mud pies...and enjoying life in its most simple yet beautiful form.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Weekend Finds

Here is what else we found at the church rummage sale and also at some sales we hit this past Saturday.

A Pyrex baking dish. I really like this one. I can see making baked mac and cheese in here.

Some table cloths and linen dish towels. The table cloths are in great shape. I bought the patch work one at the church sale. It is new - from Pier 1. The vintage table cloth came from a yard sale. It cost $1. The dish towels are in rough shape. They have some wear and holes. They are very soft though. I am still going to use them. They are great for drying - super absorbent.

Miscellaneous odds and ends. An old thermos - cute for display. The old picture will be removed and the paper frame used for crafts. The moth ball tin - I liked the graphics on it and also the original price tag of 39 cents. 

This little compact is pretty cute. It doesn't look like it was ever used. It cost $1 at an estate sale. I display these on my bedroom dresser just for fun.

Christmas stuff. A bag of  vintage elfs, a strand of mercury glass beads (these were free!), and a never used box of Shiny Bright ornament hangers. I love these old boxes. I don't open them but just put them out on display at Christmas time. The original price on this box was 13 cents.

This tree skirt was found at the church rummage sale. It is hand crocheted and in beautiful condition. The price? 50 cents. Mark was the one who found this. We both felt that we had to buy it. We kind of think of these hand made items as lost souls that need rescued and appreciated for how special they are. Who else would appreciate the fact that someone took the time to lovingly hand make this? Obviously not the person who priced it! I will be putting this under my white feather tree this coming Christmas.

These are the treasures for this week. The church sale was a great success. The yard sales on Saturday not so much. It hasn't been a very fruitful yard sale season so far this year for me. But, that doesn't stop me from getting out each week and looking anyway :)

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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Monday, June 20, 2011


This weekend I went to my favorite church rummage sale, which is held one weekend in June each year. It did not disappoint. I look forward to this sale all year because I always find something vintage for a great price. The sale begins on a Friday evening. When you arrive at the church there is a line out the door waiting for the sale to begin. Mark and I had planned to go out to a special dinner for our anniversary that night. When I learned that this sale was happening at the same time, I changed my dinner reservation so that I could shop first!

I bought all of this stuff for $12.50! I kid you not! 

Here are the treasures up close.

A set of pink depression glass. There was a box of it on the table which had 3 dinner plates, 7 bowls, 5 cups and 5 saucers. The price....$7 for all! I snatched that up instantly.

Pottery. I'm always on the look out for vintage planters.

I was lucky enough to find some old McCoy.

More Pyrex bowls. These are not my typical color choice, but I still like them. I may sell them too.

I also found some vintage linens at this sale. This yellow & gray tablecloth is in great shape.

The reason I am so successful at this sale is that Mark and I do the shopping as a team. When the doors open he goes one way and I go another. This way we can cover more ground faster. That is the key to success at this type of sale where everyone is grabbing in a mad frenzy. It is fierce competition those first minutes when everyone is looking to find the best stuff! He is actually a better treasure hunter than I am. From the above photos he found all of the pottery and the Pyrex bowls.

This lot of treasures was round 1. We paid $12.50 for all of this, loaded it up in the truck and came back to search for more. I will show you what else we found tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Cupboard

Another old cupboard has come our way. I think we are fast becoming the wayward home for old and abandoned cupboards. You may remember the last one here. Well, this one was also scored on Craigslist and it was FREE! The credit goes to Mark, the super Craigslist shopper. 

This one is dingy, smelly and rickety. The paint looks white in the photo but it is actually silver paint with lots of bubbly texture. The inside is supposed to have shelves but they are missing. That isn't a problem though - I'm married to an awesome wood worker.

You may be wondering what happened to that other cupboard. Well I sold it.  At first I thought I would keep it and restore it but needing some cash I opted to sell it on Craigslist. The couple who purchased it were happy to have it for their old farmhouse that they are restoring. In the end it went to the right place.

Leave me your comments as to what I should do with this one. Trust me when I tell you I have NO room for it! Should I paint it white? Should I keep it inside or on the porch? Or, should I just sell it? Let me know what you think.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Faithful Greetings

Today I'm sharing this darling box of vintage get well cards. I love their sweet images. I would prefer to receive one of these on a sick day more than any Hallmark card.

You can't see it from this picture but the cross has silver glitter on it. Great!

These are 2 of my favorite. I love the one with the little white church. It also has glitter.

Look for boxes of vintage cards at church rummage sales, estate sales and garage sales. They are usually very affordable. I have seen boxes of Christmas cards, birthday cards and sympathy cards before. What I love about these is their vintage pictures and soft colors. The sentiments inside are great too. Why be usual?

Another great use for vintage cards is to make gift tags with them. Just cut out tags showcasing the pretty images and then punch a hole in the top to string a ribbon through. Recycle any used greetings cards this way. 

I hope these brightened your day!

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