Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here are some new "pretties" that have made their way home to me.

We recently bought this awesome California pottery divided dish at a yard sale. Love the aqua color! I can see this holding candy or nuts, paper clips & office stuff or on a dresser holding hair clips or jewelry. I am having a love affair with anything aqua right now. Very retro but very much in style today.


At the same sale I found this little cloth bag in a box with vintage hankies. I paid 50 cents for it. It is going to be my new cell phone holder. I think I will stitch up some of these for gifts or to sell.


Recently I found this white pottery cornucopia at a thrift store in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They only charged me a dollar - with no tax. I love it for fall and am going to find some miniature pumpkins and ghords for inside. I am so ready for fall that I'm going to start decorating this weekend.

At another store in Gettysburg I bought this charm for a necklace. It is two-sided and I love what it says.

My thoughts exactly!

I bought this Grease jar at another yard sale this past weekend. I've been looking for one of these for years and was happy to finally find one.

I am actually going to use this! Don't judge - I know grease is a dirty word these days. I don't care. I can totally see this holding bacon grease to use in cooking.

This is on my front porch to welcome school back into session!  

Lastly, I bought this several weeks ago while at the community yard sales. It is black and green chippy paint!

The top

It may not show very well in the photo but the paint peeking out from underneath the black is a sage green.

I love eye candy - don't you?
Thanks for stopping today.


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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tissue Anyone?

The last week has been full due to several back-to-school shopping trips with the girls as well as trying to enjoy every last minute of Summer vacation. School started yesterday for my kids. They had a good first day. I held off buying school supplies until I saw what the kids were going to need. Well, last night we went to 3 stores - including my least fav store in the world, Walmart - to buy school supplies that my daughter needed on her list. I can tell you that I prefer shopping in thrift and vintage stores! Since when do paper folders cost so much?

Last week my mom bought me this cute "kitsch" tissue holder that she found at a local Habitat of Humanity store for $1.00. It fits in well with my green walls and lamps! Loving that a little something vintage can always brighten my day (and my decor)! You can keep Walmart!

The box was a souvenir from Miami Beach Florida.

The paper instructions were still attached! This sourvenir was made in the good ole' US of A.

Love it! Mom knows my taste well.


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shades of Blue and Green

Lately I have been loving the blues and greens of some of my vintage things.

Here are some pictures...

Mint in a blue Mason jar

McCoy vase in one of my favorite colors

Coffee cups drying on the rack

A green-handled spoon in my sugar jar

My vintage green-glass salt & pepper shakers and a Pyrex refrigerator container - used to hold Kosher salt

These - which were found recently at a thrift store!!

Washed and ready to be sold on ebay. (I'm kinda bummed that I am selling these as I love their pretty green color - but Jadeite sells so well on there that I am letting them go)

A green typewriter

Pyrex in my favortive pattern

My favorite green enamelware table

Pottery in beautiful shades of turquoise, green and white

Vintage books

What are some of your favorite colors in your home?


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Junk Drunk - part 3

Here is the rest of what I bought recently at yard sales.

This beautiful glass basket. I have a small collection of these that I put out at Easter every year. This one is in perfect shape - and it only cost $1!! I'm thinking I might find a place to display these pretty baskets all year.

Some pottery:

White is my new favorite color - mainly because I seem to find a lot of it for sale.

Both of these pieces are small in size. The bird looks like a stork or heron. They are matte finish.

I found this cute little house planter recently at a junk store. It is Haeger pottery. I thought it was pretty cute and didn't want to leave it behind. Like a real house it has a front and a back side.

These two glasses came from the lady who was clearing out her whole house. I always buy these when I see them. They are to add to my already large collection of flower glasses.

I also bought this cute flower sifter. There were two of these for sale - one with yellow flowers and one with blue. I decided I didn't need both so I bought the blue one. Love it.

I also found this metal wax paper holder. It mounts on the wall and you put your entire box of wax paper in it. Functional but oh so cute!! I love it but it is currently for sale on ebay because I already have one - shown below.

Also for sale on ebay are these awesome retro ash trays. They are both Royal Haeger pottery. The colors are so vibrant. They remind me of Mad Men so much - when smoking was the stylish thing to do. Even though I don't smoke I was tempted to keep them because they are so neat. Hopefully someone who collects these will buy them and appreciate them.

Hubby found this great old train lantern with nice red glass.

Thanks for stopping to check out my finds.


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Junk Drunk part 2

The junk roll continues....

I found some vintage Christmas to add to my collection including this cute little paper house. I love the heart print on the roof and the ivy trailing up the front of the house.

I almost walked away from these mugs but decided that at $2 for all I just needed to buy them and then decide what to do with them later.

This Christmas tablecloth is stained but at $1 I couldn't walk away. It may get cut up and sewn into stockings or ornaments.

Speaking of holidays, I bought these cute paper mache Easter eggs for 50 cents. The lady selling them told that me she made them. I like the pink egg the most.

From the same sale I bought these vintage curtains. The woman was cleaning out her entire house and I bought many things from her that day. These were laying discarded on the ground on the top of a garbage bag. I asked her if they were for sale and she seemed surprised that I would want them. She told me they hung in her kitchen for years.

I bought this one for the fabric and I'm going to make 2 pillows from it. It is so soft. I'm guessing it may be from the 1960's because recently when I was watching an old episode of Mad Men I noticed that Don & Betty's couch was made out of a fabric with a very similar geometric pattern.

This is a valence. I wish I would have asked her if she had 2 of these but I didn't think of it at the time. I will be using this on a window somewhere. Lucky for me I have a lot of green in my house so it will fit right in.

That is it for today. Next time I will post the last of the junk.


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