Friday, June 20, 2014

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Hi Everyone!
I have been away for awhile. Life was just so very busy these last 2 months that setting aside the time to blog just didn't happen. For those of you who have been following me and have checked in to see if I am still alive I want to say Thank You! I always wonder if anyone is actually reading my blog so it means a lot to know that there are some people out there who would miss me if the blog just disappeared. I have thought about stopping it. But for now my work schedule is lighter so I am going to keep it going.
Anyway - on to the vintage! I have still been junking during my blog hiatus. For a while there I was going to thrift stores every Friday as a way to treat myself at the end of the work week. In the winter that was the only way to find the vintage that I was craving. Now that yard sale season is here I have cut back on the thrift store stops - as they haven't been great for finding stuff that I like anyway - and have been doing yard sales and estate sales on Saturdays. I have gotten lucky a few times.
Here are some highlights.
This amazing chair.
If you follow me on Instagram you have seen this before. This is a vintage chair that was recovered with new/old fabric. I bought this as it is seen here. I didn't have to do a thing to it - which I love! Instant chic!...yeah me! The lady who was selling this at her yard sale should own her own shop. She had such great things - all repurposed items that she found in the trash and made cool again with paint or fabric. I scored with this chair. It only cost me $5. Her price, not mine. The great thing - she is having another sale in August. You better believe that I am going to be there.
A pink Pyrex spacesaver
This is my first pink Pyrex "spacesaver" and I found it "in the wild" as we Pyrex collectors like to say. In other words I didn't go online and buy it - I found it by chance at a yard sale. True story - My husband is driving by the sale and I spy this pink beauty from the car as we are passing by. I yell at him to stop and I jump out as fast as I can into traffic and dart across the street just to grab this up. I was so afraid someone else would get it before me. If that would have happened I would have been one unhappy lady. (Never mind the danger of running out into the street.) Happily, it is mine now. It was very inexpensive too. The lady selling it knew that. She even said "you got a deal!" I love that she knew it's value but didn't gouge me on the price - which is happening more and more these days with Pyrex. I'll save that soapbox for another blog post.  
Friendship Pyrex
Friendship pattern is one of my favorites and I was lucky enough to complete my Friendship Cinderella set recently. I am one bowl away from completing my Friendship mixers set. I just love this pattern. It was put out the same year that I was born - 1971. Maybe that is why I love it. Or it could be the birds...another of my favorite things.
 I also found this awesome retro serving bowl. It is clear glass with painted-on recipes for different kinds of dip. This was purchased from the same person who sold me the Pyrex pink daisy spacesaver.
 Over the last few months I have been moving stuff around. I rearranged my red primitive cupboard. I removed everything and decided to try a Pyrex display there for now.
 I set up this "bar cart" to display my vintage glassware collection. It is a red Costco cart - another recent yard sale find.
 I also moved my Bufferin display rack from my bathroom into the kitchen. It now holds coffee cups. Before I had it hanging on the wall holding towels. I like it better here.  Moving stuff around is fun!
 This amazing drinking glass was just purchased today at an estate sale. It is going on my bar cart.
That is all the vintage finds for now. I promise to check in more often to show some more finds and redecorating/rearranging that I hope to accomplish this summer.
I also wanted to show this new addition to our family. This is Daisy. Here she is when we picked her up at the shelter. She was 6 weeks old. 
Here she is now - 6 months old this week.
She has sure does make it wild and crazy around the house. She has a lot of energy and hasn't yet figured out the whole "go outside to the bathroom thing" yet. But that is ok. She is very sweet and loveable too. And, she hasn't broken any bowls or glasses  - so I think we will keep her around a bit longer.
Until next time,

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