Thursday, January 31, 2013

Humble Collections

It is no secret, I repeat NO SECRET, that I love to collect stuff. I love to collect mostly older things - some are valuable in the eyes of the world and some not. I just collect stuff that I like - period, the end. Here is an example of a collection that I have that isn't valuable by any means, but I like it so I collect it.
Aunt Jemima Bottles. I just like these. I guess because they are something of the past that doesn't exist anymore. It all started when I saw some one else on the web that had a similar collection. I thought to myself "wow, that is cool". Shortly thereafter I began seeming Aunt J at sales. She was pretty inexpensive - about a $1. So I bought a few. Yes these are pretty useless - except to look at. But that is ok. I bring them out every January. I guess I associate winter with pancakes or something. Along the way I've also bought some other maple syrup things that I've seen around to go with this collection.
I guess the point of me telling you all of this is to encourage you to collect, display and enjoy what you love. Don't just collect because something is valuable monetarily - or you think it may be in the future. If you like it then it is valuable to you. I would love to hear about some of the things you collect. Let me know in the comments.

By the way, if you love pottery or antiques like I do and would love to see some great collections, pop on over to the blog I Love Collecting. You will be inspired to begin a collection today.


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Milk Glass Plate Project

A few years ago I made this "Frosty" plate. It is very easy to make and the possibilities are endless. I thought I would share with you how I made one in case you are inspired to try one for yourself.

I used a vintage milk glass plate that I picked up at a yard sale.  You can use any type of plate that you have on hand for this project. This is a great way to re-purpose an odd plate that you may have on hand or an antique plate that is pretty but you don't really use much. If you don't have a plate on hand try the dollar store.

You will need:
* a picture to use on the plate. I chose my picture out of a vintage Golden book. The illustrations in older children's books are charming. I copied the illustration on a photocopier.
*Modge Podge

Here are some of the illustrations found inside this book to give you an idea of how many sweet ones there are to choose from.

If you don't have an old book, you could also use a graphic printed from your computer, a scrap of wrapping paper, your child's artwork or even a photocopied photograph. HERE is a great website with vintage graphics that you can print for free.

To make the plate cut your picture so that it will fit on the flat part of the plate. You may want to cut a template out of tissue paper first to get the perfect fit and then cut your vintage paper or photo.

Next decoupage the paper to the plate. I used Modge Podge. The directions are on the package if you have never used this product before.

Once dry, apply glitter for accent. I used silver glitter glue by Martha Stewart. I chose to embellish with glitter because this is a snow scene - but you don't have to add glitter if you don't want to. I love glitter and would probably use it everywhere if I could.

Since my plate has a scalloped edge with cut-outs I tied a ribbon to the top for added flair.

Be creative - The possibilities are endless! Wouldn't this make a great anniversary gift for someone? Use a picture of the couple taken when they got married. Embellish the plate with glitter, dried flowers & ribbon in their wedding color or the color for a 25th or 50th anniversary. This would be cute hanging from the wall.

Happy Creating!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crocheted Potholders

Today I'm showing you my collection of vintage crocheted potholders. I've collected these for several years and currently have around 40. I am attracted to their cheery colors. These make me smile when I look at them. I also have a very soft spot for hand crafts from the past. I am in awe of women who made things like these to decorate with and to use. Although they are super cute, they are also functional and can be used as originally intended - as potholders.

 I love the ones that are little dresses and bloomers.

This one is displayed with my bird collection - it is a favorite.
I love to display a few in the kitchen - and actually use them.

When we remodeled our kitchen I had an idea to hang the entire collection from a clothesline with miniature clothes pins. I even have an antique metal clothesline dispenser (in red paint no less) that was bought just for this idea. If/when I ever actually do this I will be sure to show pics.


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

more thrift store treasures

Seems like I can't get enough of thrift store shopping. Here are some treasures I found just yesterday.

Crazy Daisy Pyrex pieces - I found these both on the same day but at different thrift stores. The bowl cost me $2.99 and the casserole dish & lid was $3.99. I have been using the Pyrex dishes with lids to store left overs in the fridge instead of plastic.

I also found a few pieces of pottery to add to the collection. This is a Floraline by McCoy planter. I bought this at an "indoor flea market" a.k.a. independently owned junk store. I paid $4.00 for it. I love the matte finish. "Floraline" pieces were made by McCoy for florists.

A speckled pink planter. Not sure of the make. Maybe McCoy? It was 99 cents at the Salvation Army.

Another yellow planter to add to the collection - the one with the basket weave on 2 feet. Again, not sure of the maker on this one.

And this was the find of the day - an antique piece of Weller art pottery. The Weller pottery company went out of business in the 1930's - so this planter was made at that time or before. It is very pretty with a crazed finish over soft yellow, green & white. My husband found it sitting on the shelf at a Salvation Army store. It was marked "$4.99 As Is" on the tag. It does have a hairline crack at the lip. I couldn't believe they would price a cracked piece of pottery $4.99 so I figured it had to be something old and valuable. So I took a chance and bought it. When I got home I noticed the imprint on the bottom - Weller. A very nice piece of antique pottery. My first piece of Weller.

I bought this wooden spoon collector's rack for 99 cents. It is going to be transformed into something new. I will show the entire project when finished.
I have a new obsession with these metal picture frames. This one cost only 39 cents. The other piece is a brass plate of some sort. I am going to paint it and also use it as a picture frame.

Because I love Pioneer Woman and also wish I could win a pair of Country Outfitter cowboy boots (but never do) I splurged on these boots at Salvation Army. They were $9! Yikes - I guess prices are going up at the thrift. They are leather so I plan on giving them a good polishing before wear.

A nice piece of milk glass. I will be using this on my desk for pens.

I also bought another "baby ben" alarm clock to add to this collection.

I am loving all of my thrift store treasures!


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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Collecting definitely runs in my family. In fact, I completely blame my mom for my obsession with vintage, collecting & antiques. She has been a collector for most of her life and her house is filled with many unique items.

One such collection centers around owls. I can remember these being on display while growing up. Whenever I see an owl I always think of my mom.

Recently mom has decided to go through her home and downsize her collections. While she was sorting through a closet of treasures we came across these owls. Many of these once held a place of honor in the home. Seeing them again brings me back to my childhood. As owls are pretty popular right now in home furnishings I thought I would share these with you.

 This one holds a candle inside.

These two were made in Japan.
Westmoreland Glass  - one is pink, one is yellow. The owls are standing on top of books.
A brass ashtray/cigar holder

Most of these things will be heading on to new owners - while the rest will stay with mom for now.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saturday Thrifting

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday during the winter is thrift store shopping. I seem to long for a "junk fix" as you will when there are no yard sales or estate sales to hit. Hubby and I decided that a day hitting the thrifts would be the best form of entertainment. I love that man I do.
We made it to 5 stores in one day - with the kids along too. I didn't do any clothes shopping for myself which kept our time at each location short. Instead I searched for vintage treasures that were waiting for me to rescue them. Hubby found this lovely pink bird to add to my collection. $2. There was an entire box of birds for sale. I assume one person donated his/her entire collection. I can just see into the future when history repeats itself and my girls are cleaning out my house and parting with all of my birds.
The day also included a stop at the "bins" store. We've been to this store before as told about in THIS POST. I was open minded enough to try it again. Now I think I am hooked and I LOVE THE BINS! It was exhilarating. A real rush for a junker like me. I think I just enjoyed the crazy digging. Fighting for the best loot along with several other junk shoppers. It really wasn't about the finds but about the looking - if that makes any sense. I would have been just as happy to leave behind what I pulled from the bins once I filled up my cart. I actually did leave quite a bit of things behind. I filled up my cart during the frenzy, then after things died down I sorted through everything and only bought those things that I couldn't live without. I'm actually proud of myself for the restraint I showed. I really could have lived without any of it, but I got out of there paying only $2.50 for some craft supplies (below) and 2 vintage felt Christmas stockings (and some shirts the kids wanted) - so I didn't do too bad. The point is I can control my buying. Which is a necessity when you love vintage and junking like I do.

Here is what we brought home from our entire day of shopping. As usual, hubby was better at finding things than me. It is great to have him around!
 A few pieces of vintage pottery came home with us. A matte white vase for 99 cents & a baby bottle- shaped planter.
Some bathroom towels that will be refreshed with new trim.
And this sweet, small-sized manger scene that was made in Italy.
I think we spent a total of $25 on everything - not including our lunch at Wendy's. We also bought some kids clothing & shoes - which aren't show.

Here's to winter thrift shopping!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflections for a new year...

The Christmas decorations have been put away - since Dec. 28th actually - and I am loving being back to my "normal" routine. Life is as it should be. The kids are back in school and I am back to quiet days contemplating life, studying the bible, praying and just loving being at home for now.
Life is good. Although the new year brings the temptation, or even "pressure" if you will, to downsize, organize and scale back, I realize that having a happy home, filled with the items that you love, is perfectly ok. Stuff is not the enemy, as I sometimes think it is. I think that as long as things are in control and manageable, having "stuff" is not all bad. A lovely friend and I were discussing our favorite blogs and she led me to look at several of her favorites. I'm so glad that I did. The doubt that I have felt recently about living with a collection of treasured "things" has been quieted as I have seen that I am not alone in my passions. I enjoy seeing how other people live, what they like, how they create and what inspires them. What I have learned is that creativity and a love for beauty are part of my personal makeup - and I need them in my life. I know that I am not alone when I see other "kindred spirits" like myself out there in cyber space. These women know how to live contentedly with what they love. They don't live for their stuff but they enjoy it - as it makes their homes personal and special and a place to enjoy and be nourished...a sanctuary for the family from the hard world outside.
That is what I long to make my home. A reflection of me - my interests, my history, my dreams, my passions and what makes me smile. My yellow walls, my crocheted doilies, my vintage stuff, my "granny" style. All of that makes me who I am, an individual - KayteeJane - and I wouldn't trade that for the world.
Thanks for coming along on my ride with me. I hope to share more of my life and the things that make me smile with you during the coming days, months and year.


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